UNTOLD Stories Post 6: Y are the Constant Breakup??

Sometime in the Year 2007;

Tapish Dongre: Dear, I am not aware why, but girls dont stay in my life….Maximum I was with a girl for not more than 4 months, I dont know whats wrong in my way of handling relationship that I fail ???

Purwa Manna : Kay Bakwas Kar raha hai?? (What the hell you are talking)
You have never given the space the to a girl in your life waht she requires…
If you are angry on a girl and go through a break up, you fill that space with another girl..
Sometimes two girls at a time.
You have never given a second chance to your current relation and you expect the girl to stay awaiting for you allways??
Tapish, Relations dont work that way….!!!

I am a student of life
I have learned something form everyperson I met, and this special day I came to know that after any sort of breakup, Give some time to yourself, divert your mind, Understand y the past one dint work properly and then move on
With all the things i learned, I wish I can continue with my life partner in better way than all my 12 falilures, but the things I learned form them are worth sharing some day some time..
For today Cherish the present moment…
Happy Day 🙂

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