How Special is Today ?

Actually, it is a normal Saturday day, but trying to add a little drama to life to make it feel special.

Planned so many things in life, and never stuck with the plan. So wherever I am today in life, I am because of my own inconsistencies and a little bit of environmental influence.

One of my good friends Bhratlal said, (Actually he reads shit and he said so many things nowadays) but just for this conversation that you and I are having now, Bharatlal once said, “Whichever time, place, family, or surrounding you are born in – it is a Biological accident.” and later on he continued with some philosophical things like “what you do after the accident is what you make out of it” or something else which I am not able to remember as I was lost in my own thoughts when he was saying it. But the word “Biological Accident” sounded special. I thought wow, never ever used ‘Biology’ to define ‘Accident’ referring to our own life. Ohh Hooo !!! Loved it !!!!

Next para I wanted to talk about my job. I don’t know why but it just felt like writing about it. So currently what I do is work for a company named, “Sxxxxx Parking” actually its better if I don’t take their name. Full day 8 to 10 hours of my shift I fix server computers, listen to complaints from the Control center (Call Center) in a sweet Philipino voice that says go and fix this issue, and then I go and fix the Parking Gates/Ticket Jams/Printing errors/Software or Hardware errors. This job sounded so fun when I started but after 90 days of working, I feel like quitting every day.

The money is good, but not great. And money was the only motivation that I use to go and do the work, but currently, I feel that amount is not enough. Thus probably time to upscale my skills and move on to something which actually fills the whole of current inflation and compensates for the cost of living in Australia. Along with the education loan debt I have to pay which seems like Mountain.

F**K I loaded your Saturday with my problems instead of making it special. You can call it a Writing Accident, LOL.

But writing this felt like a stress buster, so come on, be a little venerable and let me know one of your problems in the comment section below. Probably we can solve it or probably we cannot. But it feels great to express and get it out of your mind.

See you in the next post, and hopefully, make that post a Special one !!!




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