Untold Stories 49: Discovering LOVE


No no no….Not a romantic post at all..

The Truth is..at some part of life phase…even you did it…
Discovering LOVE.
It is said that may Super Mad Scientist, Cr-eaters, Entrepreneurs and Great men were once in LOVE. Then fortunately or unfortunately they have to make the choice between what they love the most and they did continue to pursue it..

As teenager even I had those flux. Initially we try to read all theories “WHAT IS LOVE?”
Try to understand and develop our own meaning to all the literature we have till date about LOVE, Let that be poetry, stories, theories and close life examples we try to engulf all.
The next stage is being little brave and actually having those emotions for another human (or other parallel species if more than humans are ever reading my post in future 😉 )
The next stage is complicated but I can explain in simple words that is COMPARISON.
Some day, I don’t know how but every strong relationship gets through or is constantly going through a phase called Comparison.
At teenage the comparison is by the Tel Series we watch, or the books we read. We try or compare to match the character of our partner with a fictional character which one other writer had written in his ideal state of mind (If he/she have…ha ha)
At more mature age we compare it to the Ideal morals what we think are right. For example MONOGAMY is a moral and Ideal in thinking or most of
20th century mass.(And I am no exception)

The comparison with reality sometimes gives us momentary happiness. Thinking I got the exact partner which I was aiming for. Or sometimes in most cases puts us under tremendous remorse. “I dint think you are like this, or I dint imagine you will do like this or You are not the one what I have thought you are to be,” There have been cases when a person completes changes and looses his true identity just to be with his/her partner or other way round, being in a relationship one person changes the other to certain extent that he/she looses his actual identity who initially he/she was before the realtionship or in reality is/would be.

With a very older mental age we discover that LOVE was a myth. And to accept it or live in that myth is our own choice. Currently I am not even close to get that theory right.

But with some failure in relations in past in long term regression of emotions versus reality I realized, I missed out lot of moments in life. When I rethink What I was, What I am and What I could Have done in that situation better.

I disconnected with my first girlfriend without giving her a proper reasoning. I was so angry on her for some years that I passed the grief to many of the people who try to come close to me as I never wanted to be venerable again. I was more stable when someone accepted the pain i created with a happy face and gave me a smile when we departed. The funny thing is I don’t even remember the person’s name who actually made a big change in my life.

As in Beginning I said this is not a Romantic post and I am still kinda stick on my word, I would just like to pass one last message in this post to myself or every little human being who think who can take a point of the little mistakes I did and even he/she will be doing in future…

Don’t Miss the small moments. How so ever small they are, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, joy, remorse what ever the feeling is…Just experience it in the moments. LIVE IT. If you cant understand this whole 49th post is all about…No worries Take a joint and read it again…
I am running out of contents to write on my blog now that I am expressing..may be that’s why I am playing with you now…
Ha Ha…Na I am kidding…

I would say again, The Myth, Moral, or the Ideal things you are running behind is not really the person you choose. IF you are Discovering LOVE in your own imagination saying its my way or the highway. You May find momentary happiness, enjoy it, make memories. As if at all there is a Myth called ‘True LOVE’ you will get addicted to the person how so ever he/she is. You would not want him/her to change. And contradicting my partial last statement, The person will change to accommodate the new realtionship.

Enjoy My Loved ones…

Have a great week ahead..

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