Untold Stories Post 26: Why Ant Bit Me ?

When I was very small, a BIG ANT with its giant cutter like teeth bit me as I found Ant was stealing sugar from my mom’s steel box.
I was in kindergarten or so and had very less understanding of the world outside, but for me the ant was my first and only enemy I had that time. My soft little hand were bitten by the ant and the cut was deep (according to that age’s mentality) and it started bleeding through my finger tip.
I had no response to it as I was taught in my kg that we should not kill animals, birds and any living organisms.
I cried a lot and went to my mom crying aloud asking Why did the Ant bit me ? Her reply was very simple that can be easily understood by a KG Student.
My mother explained:
The ant thinks you are big guy. And that little ant is scared of your presence around. In a scared situation, as a defence mechanism i.e for self protection, the ant bit you.

At that time, My small mind was able to understand Why did the ant bit me, and I was able to assume the viewpoint of ant.

Now as I grew little more bigger, I forgot the lessons taught by my mom and started fighting with every ant who even tried to bit me.

I observed more, as far as my view can go, I only observed that everyone does the same. When ant (i.e real life people) try to bite us, we give them back. Never understanding that the ANT used its defense mechanism not because she wants to fight with you. But because the ant is scared. If you yourself observe closely, You are way bigger than the ant.

I am not against war, but better choose right enemy and understand if he/she is worth fighting the battle or you are killing a sacred ant who bit you by accident.

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