Untold Stories Post 25: The Mental Age

Most of the stuff we learn in our life are already present around us. We just need an eye of observation to see the change in our routine and give it a thought of realization that this concepts or things really exist. Its just like Gravity always existed but an Apple has to fall on NEWTON and make him realize of its existence. The concept of Mental Age is a similar phenomenon, but it took me time to observe or absorb the observation.

About two months ago when I started adding random friends to my account in Facebook, I had an opportunity to chat and express my views various age groups around. I was always afraid to talk to new people but amazed with the spicy thinking and concepts they have. I was talking to both Young and Old Brains (what I assumed) while chatting. And finally a day came when I had an chat with Holly Jones. Our first conversation might look stupid as it was somewhat discussion of age, science, education, life perceptive, relations and logics or sometimes common illogical thinking. She introduced me the concept of “THE MENTAL AGE” by asking me question at the end of the conversation, ‘Guess what must me my age”
My answer was simple, “Your thinking match to the young generation perceptive, You must be in Mid 20’s”
I was astonished to hear that she was no where close to my guess and I was actually talking to a School Going Girl.
She continued with the concept, that People sometimes by age may be different but due to environmental exposure and other factors like highly educated surrounding, peer pressure, competitive atmosphere may be mentally more mature than their physical age. Initially I was hesitant to accept this concept but that kid proved me wrong on various psychological conversations.

Another incident of yesterday night made me rethink about the concept. I work at Suncorp Stadium as Supervisor for food and retail distribution to viewers of various games. Their as I manage a store, all the staff come and report me of various incidents. A female in about age mid 30 came and complained to me that one of the other staff sprayed chemical oh her clothes and her pants are spoiled due to bleach now. The other staff who sprayed chemical was a Class Xth student. I have always seen kids complaining on some small things about the co-classmates and the mischief people do around. But this time a girl of mid 30’s complaining against teen was a new experience to deal with for me. Even when I talked this to concern authority above me the reply was same, and even they felt it little amused to observe and neglected the situation saying, “its just the kid’s playful age, leave small cases like this and focus on food production” I understood the the higher authority was talking about the ‘kids playful age’ but I was confused to whom they are referring to, the woman in mid 30 or the grade 10th kid as on/for that point, both had the same mental age.

Bell rings to my mind, the point of observation widened.

My mom Tejashri Milind is more comfortable in being friends with Teenage so her mental age might be compatible to a teen
My sister Kritika Milind though a teen but mentally nowhere close to a teenage. Her maturity of thinking and situation handling is more like of an adult.
Why compare the world, if I look into mirror, and check my own body, though I am of 25 now but mentally I am the same Class IX kid who is still observing the new planet with the peer pressure that “You have grown big now, BEHAVE !!!!” lol 🙂

So The new concept Which I observed recently was the Mental age and the Physical age may not be the same, and Adults are sometimes allowed to behave as kids and Similarly Kids sometimes behaves like adult have the capacity to make big decision in life. I am not saying believe and follow all the decisions what a kid makes, but with a open mind trust them, Give them a chance, You never know the small age person standing next to you may be Mentally lot lot older than what you think.
And every age person makes mistake in life, To err is Human !!! What worse could happen???? He he

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