Untold Stories Post 17: COMMON SENSE

Its a Good old saying “common sense is not common” but how I found out with a different meaning is a funny story:

It was 2007 when I was on my end of 12th Grade. Pandaya Sir, who was my mathematics teacher was writing something on the green board in our school Kendriya Vidyalaya Ambajhari Nagpur, INDIA. I stopped him and requested, “Could you please write litte bigger?” He was confused by my demand, then I said, “the alphabets you are writing are very small and not clear, would you mind writing little bigger or bold?”
He replied “Why don’t you come and sit on the front bench and you can see it properly”.
I moved form my bench and sat on front bench and even then I knew he was writing very small but no one has the guts to talk to him and say he is doing that. In India we have a fear to talk to our teacher as our culture teaches us to respect them and never question them back. But I was taught and raised little different and then I requested again, Sir you are still writing small, to that he confronted its my way of writing. He tried to write bigger which was visible to me but then again went back to writing small and unclear. He told me as a joke, YOU need to see a doctor, Check your eyes.
I took it seriously and booked an appointment with Ophthalmologist and he checked my eyes with different corrective lenses He discovered that I have vision which needs corrective lenses of (-1) in both eyes. He asked me since what time you have this problem to that I replied since today morning, when I observed Pandaya sir is writing very small on Board.
Doctor Replied, That is not possible, You must have this eye problem since at least one year, its a gradual change to spoil your eyesight till (-1)….
I was Astonished and I thought for a long time and replied to him


That day I learned two things, first is that out of 5 common senses that everyone has, one of my sense i.e my eyes are not common to others and Secondly if the change is gradual you cannot observe it or tend to ignore to observe the change till the time it becomes big and much problematic to control.

Its been 8 years I still wear a corrective lenses of power (-1)
Yes there are various methods with Bio-Technology to correct it. But for now, the two Lessons I learned are something worth sharing 🙂

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