Untold Stories Post 12: THE TRUE INDIAN

Year 2015 here in Australia, when an Two Strangers Meet on Street, They ask the common Questions like
Person 1 :How You Going?
Person 2: I am Fine Thanks for Asking, How you Going?
Person 1: Yes I am good Too, Where are you form Brother?
Person 2 : I am an Aussi Mate, from so & so place.
Person 1 : Nice to meet you
Person 2 : Nice to meet you.

BUT when People go on street in my country, or even here when I meet an INDIAN, The conversation mostly goes:

Person 1: How are you ?
Person 2: I am fine thank You, Where are you From?
Person 1: I am From The Great Nation of INDIA
Person 2: Which Part of India?
Person 1: Central.
Person 2: I mean Which State?
Person 1: I am From Maharashtra.
Person 2: What Part in Maharashtra?
Person 1: Nagpur.
Person 2: Which Religion do you region Follow?
Person 1: Humanity.
Person 2: I mean Religion wise you are a Hindu, Muslim or Christian.

Person 1 Walk out of Conversation if he feels not to Reply to this question or Continues the conversation if at he feels that Person 2 is of Same Caste, State, Religion etc etc..

I know there might be Varied Vantage point comments below this status, But Do answer my 1st question. ARE YOU A TRUE INDIAN ? IF yes then Why or IF no then Why NOT, or What will Make every Indian residing in or Away form the country a TRUE INDIAN?

Please let me know because I am actually Fed up with the above Conversation.

On 26th January 2015 I wish all

Happy Republic Day of India
Happy Australian Day

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