Untold Story Post 11: The Anger

In the Year 2007, I applied for Driving Licence for the first Time in RTO Nagpur, India. Due to excess corruption in the office I was not aware of the shortcuts and I had to wait More than the time what the so called “Exclusive” People which had the permission to Cross the line and Do their work in-Discipline. Ha ha 🙂

After the procedure was done by waiting in line for the whole day and several ways of attitude shown by RTO officer who pass the people for the Test, I submitted my file and Came home. I was promised that I will be getting my Licence in next 14 Days.

14 Days passed I went to Office, They said Kindly Wait for some time,
I waited the whole month, Then I did another visit to the office. They said, its not done yet, please come some other day.
From that day, in search of Another day I visited office every two days and inquired about it.
Day after day My patience each time kept on loosing.
Day after day The anger Kept on Increasing
I decided the day I get my Licence, I am going to Screw these people for torturing me like that.

Then Finally on an Unexpected afternoon, the “ONE DAY” arrived. They handed me my licence. The moment I holed the licence on my hand, realizing the authority to DRIVE on Road for rest of my life. All MY ANGER was VANISHED.

I thanked the receptionist and came back home.

The story just mean to say that Anger, Lust, Hurt, Pain, Sex Craving All are Temporary Variables in life. If you can manage them properly, I am not saying to stop them, But if you can manage them properly in the right direction, Life is Smooth as Butter and Sweet as Honey…

All the Best Folks….Happy Day

‪#‎tapishdongre‬ ‪#‎utsp‬

(Note: The RTO, Nagpur is still a corrupted office, if you want to make licence then you gotta empty your pocket and become an Exclusive member to do your work quick or Be my guest and Fight against the people who uses the Exclusive member policy at RTO, Nagpur INDIA) The Choice was, Is and Will Always Be yours 🙂

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