UNTOLD Stories Post 10: The Cesarean baby

As per as I remember, my sister Kritika Milind was a Cesarean Baby, or there were complications involved at the time of birth.
Cesarean Operation is a medical process where the baby due to complications or size could not be delivered by Natural Delivery and has to taken out of mothers womb by making a small cut horizontally on the outer surface near the stomach.
At that time my father was given a choice, weather to save my little sister or my mother herself.
My father Could never decided whom to chose for. He loves kids and My mom’s life was precious to him. He dined to choose between two, and requested…or actually Forced Doctors that let the risk be on my father’s name but to save both.
The outcome was astonishing and yes you can predict that now anyway, Today my mom, Tejashri Milind and my sister, both are in pink of their health.

The memory of this scene gave me one point to note and learn after 18 years of this incident, I learned from my father that whenever you are given two options in life.
Weather to choose option Option A or Option B,
Think logically, Y should you Follow the rules created by someone else on you..
Demand for an Option C which is the optimal choice for your benefit.

Don’t settle down for what people offer you, as each and every choice will be responsible for the survival of someone’s life smile emoticon

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