UNTOLD Story Post 5: Persistance

“LOST” is a drama series of 6 Seasons and each season having at least 22 episodes.

One Youtube uploader names “LostEpisodex” uploaded the whole series on HD quality on youtube i.e approx 160 GB of Data.
It was illegal thus youtube deleted the these videos and his account.
He came back with new id “LostEpisodeXX” and uploaded the videos again
Youtube Deleted his account again
He Came back with another id “LostEpisodexxx”
Youtube deleted his account again

I believe he will come back again soon..

Though he is illegal but still I appreciate his persistence. Similary I belive everyone should do their best part again and again till they succeed. If you are bad, be super villian, if you are good be the greatetest man on earth, If you are a thief, give toughest competition to Police and If you are police then…(sorry I have nothing to say)

Happy Day Guys
Believe in your potential and be Persistent towards your goal. 🙂

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