YULM Chapter 2

Who was your first crush ?

“Sanjana”  is the straight answer..

Did you tell her ?

” I rather not discuss about it ”

But we want to know…

“She was a class mate in Vth grade and I was dumbo that I was afraid even to talk with girls that time…So we had no story.”

Then When did you make the Second heart beat for you ?

” OK here is the story……”

The school days were about to get over. I was just attending preboard examinations of my class 10th in Kendriya Vidyalaya Medak and the very first instruction in front of my eyes was “Read the Questions Carefully, You have to solve each and every question given in the paper. There are no overall choices however internal choices are provided for questions carring……” and the very first thought I had in my mind was…Should I propose her today?

Snigdha, I love you..

Snigdha, I have feelings for you. I mean I love you..

Snigdha, I want to tell you something. I have feelings for you. I mean, I want to say. I love you…

Care the hell..! How to tell a girl that I actually love her without even knowing the proper scientific definition of love. Oh I dont know how but I will propose her today..

The day passed and we were together the whole day and I could never express my feeling to her. (although the exam was cleared and I was not thrown in any punishment classes)

Y ? Its natural man..This was the first time I was going to propose a girl in my life..and I dint knew how to..

Then a day came and we sat opposite to each other that too in a Library. She was looking as special as I have a gift from almighty and the only thing I have to do is Ask for Her.

I closed my eyes and opened it again only to make sure that we are not in a dream. And the very first words I said to her was,

” I have feelings for you”

“What?” She replied.

“I said I have feelings for you”

“What do you want to say?” She said.

“I need to tell you, I have feelings for you. I kinda love you.”

“Keep quite”  The librarian shouted.

” I love my parents, I love my sisters, I love my chacha, taya, aunti and  all my uncle. So what kind of love you are talking about.” She re-questioned.

“I am saying about Personal Love” I said. ” I have feelings for you and I want to know Do you feel the same for me ?” first time question was for my side.

She was quite for a long time….really long..

I asked again “Do You Love me ?”

She smiled and wrote something on her note book and showed it to me

AVAANU – Yes I Do.




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