YULM Chapter 1

This is my very own version of such moments that I can never forget. If someone has objection in my views he/she is truly welcome in my blog and I pay an apology for the very such word I spell if anytime it hurts anyone in or around my life..truly I Love You all…

Our heart starts its beats the very second you are existed in this world..but the first time you make a heart beat is it when you are born.

You make a tear in your mother’s eye for the first time and she smiles…

this is how you are born..you create a feeling not even knowing that you actually did something..

Life is not really as you know it..because there is lot to learn, lot to experience and I tell you lot to make such several moments when you cry..or made someone do it for you…

And the very next time I mad someone cry was really a deal to tell you..

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