Teacher Can Learn

You can grasp anything for anywhere only to a limit that you are wanted to. So the first thing to be taught to any student is the “need” to study that subject being taught. If a student is “wants” to study any subject then he will do so by his own wish. Student can sit for hours to read a novel and the same student gets bored in a 45 minutes lecture.

Similar kind of knowledge is being taught by making a child to dream big. Dreaming big and then to follow it. The next step is to guide him to the path he wishes to follow. Sometimes it happens that a teacher or a parent forces a child to follow their dreams or to do things they planned for him, but in doing so the teacher completely forgets to make an interest in the subject to be taught. The result is always the child thinks the lesson taught to him is a dull one.

Mostly the path of a student changes when he starts to follow his heart. To listen to what he really want to, and when he does this, the first blame from teacher is that: “student is misguided” or “student is deviated from the path.” Now the force ‘to follow the commands of a teacher’ increases and the same happens with the ‘student desire’. This only leads to two of the mentioned result:

(1) If student follow the teacher’s command, he becomes a successful unwillingful worker.

(2) If student follows his heart, he becomes successful artist but thrown out of so called society.


In both the cases the real teaching and learning process is kept aside. There always has to be a third option of the above mentioned problem. I mean its your life and you can definitely make it more complex or more simple by only a way i.e., change  and express your thoughts. I gave you a simple problem to solve. If you have solution please discuss it with the world and do comment to share it with me….

Desperately waiting..

Tapish Dongre

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