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Dear Friends, I have recently joined a wonderful research institute as RA which focuses on Neuroimmunology specialized in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I just wanted to extend my hand to welcome all to like our new page to boost the morale up of the whole team to make more and more progress in Research and Development even during the current Pandemic event. Your support keeps us motivated. Thanks 🙂

Actually Better Videos to Understand MRI

Thanks to the Respective Creators that I was able to compile this list while Studying MRI and actually understand the SCIENCE behind it. I will update this article as soon as I find better Videos, or Make them myself in the future.

The General MRI under 3 Mins :

Concepts in 3D (The Actual Words in Diagrams


Learning MATLAB for ANALYSIS under 4 Hours

Untold Story Post 85: Theory of Nothing

Somewhere, sometime in my life, someone said, “If you do nothing, nothing will happen.”

I was amused by the deep thought with what the author has said this. I loved it probably more than you did while reading it now, maybe because I was high on weed.

Now that I am sober and re-think the same above quote, it gives me quite a shock on a daily basis.

Thus every day I wake up.

Make up a Task list.

And do my best to complete the maximum task on this list.

Seldom I hit 100% completion and those days I could would or be able to sleep at night properly.

Rest of the Days I think I did not live my life to the fullest.

Out of the blue, I gazed upon an offer on Gumtree. ( is a website in Australia where people advertise to sell the things they have). I saw A box of books for AU $ 20. I scrolled the post and thought one day! One day even I will have a library of fiction & nonfiction books, at my house.

Then again in my head, I came upon the same thoughts about the Theory Of Nothing: As if you do nothing. Nothing will happen.

Thus I did something.

And results are the two pictures of this post.



Though a small start but Today I do have a mini library at home.

This task was not on my daily task list but I just followed my instincts or the words of some random stranger in the past which changed my thinking to initiate an action plan in the present.

Reflecting on my day, I think I beat up procrastination, laziness and put on action to execute something beautiful.

Then again when I told this story my cousin with a similar photograph as above, then she said, “Congratulations on Buying them but will you ever be able to read them at all?”

I dogged the question in reply explaining it in Aussi dry humor that “they are part of my retirement plan.”

But in reality, the Theory of Nothing is ringing more like Jingle Bells on a Christmas night.

“If you do nothing, Then Nothing will HAPPEN.”


#tapishdongre #utsp

Untold Stories Post 84: Drag Queen


Image: How I met Your Mother: Season 6 Episode 5 Time 06:24 (Architect of Destruction)

In my School Days in India, English was not my preferred language of communication. Though I studied in an English Medium school, still all my friends use to speak Hindi. Thus to force learn the language English practice was made to learn two new words every fucking Day.

In childhood it was easy, build up the vocabulary two words per day, and then day after day. But now when I am in my 30’s and I have to read plenty of Research Papers, Books or Boring Instruction Manuals, the fun of Learning a Language seems depleting.

This took a turn when I took a Security Job as part-time with the company name “Best Security” Only working Friday and Saturday Nights at Clubs and having AU $300 seems an OK deal to go with.

Now coming back to Vocabulary and finding the joy of learning more words becomes a fun task when you are talking with Random Strangers on odd topics on Casual Jobs. The fun word I learned this week was “DRAG QUEEN.” This happened when working on an LGBT famous Club in Fortitude Valey of Brisbane, Australia called THE BEATS.

When my senior asked me on Radio Communication “if the DRAG QUEEN has arrived at your location?”

I was initially confused. What does the DRAG QUEEN mean? Is that the name given to a specific position or actual name of Person?

I asked back. How would I know?

To that my Senior Replied, “YOU Will Know !!! when DRAG QUEEN reaches there.”

In moments there was a Dramatic entry of a human being with extraordinary beauty. Blond Hairs, height more than 6 feet, Spotlight focused on, Mic in hand and confidence equivalent to 1000 men put together.

Rest 15 mins my job was to keep the crowd off stage so that DRAG QUEEN would complete her performance. It was Spectacular.

In the same week in an ‘In-Home Counseling’ Session, I got suggested by my sister Dr. Kritika to watch the series How I met Your Mother episode “THE ARCHITECT OF DESTRUCTION” in resemblance to my over pessimistic nature.

The word “DRAGON QUEEN” came again randomly to use in the above-mentioned episode at 06 mins and 24 seconds. Later on, I had to Google what the DRAG QUEEN really mean and I was astonished of so little I know about the LGBT community, the use of common words and much more.

So in this post, I won’t be giving you the meaning of DRAG Queen, that you can google yourself. The intention of this post is, that I acknowledged, even after my half-life of this planet is almost done, I still have a lot to learn. Though not two words per day as my school days, but at least one-word per week in an Interesting Environment. 🙂

That’s all for today,

See you next post or next life, whichever is earlier 🙂


Tapish Dongre


Untold Storie Post 83 : Start Writing Again You Fucker !!!!

So simply on 29th Oct 2019 overstressed by the pressure of loss going through the new owned business “HI Guard Security Services” I started reading my own blogs to get inspiration from.



Too many words on a single line above.

I was actually pretty impressed by my own ideas and views from the year 2007 to the Year 2015. Then I wondered why did I stop writing?

So many times I thought to start writing again and then procrastinated about doing it and then left it as it is.

Then I fumbled upon the person/or his blog, because of whom I go inspiration to write and it was actually this particular post:


He is a Schoolmate of mine, and with time even he stopped writing…

Nowadays thinking of starting to write is like Planning to Go to GYM,

I start that too every week and then stop somewhere during mid of the remaining 7 days.

I even pay $32.59 per fortnight for some ungodly reason that will force me to go to the GYM but it doesn’t really happen for a long time.

This post is not actually putting my pessimistic thoughts on the blog and getting frustrated by Grammarly which keeps correcting me every three words I type. But in reality, it’s just a warm-up exercise to my fingers and brain that WRITING is fun and I should give it a chance every now and then to come back and keep Posting Random stuff as I use to do before.


I know currently out of the 2 thousand supporters I had on WordPress only 32 are remaining. But as I learned in Engineering that Demands Pulls rather than Supply Pushes or the other way round, I will come back to WordPress or by some other Publishing media play the WORD Game again.

Hope you are there with me whichever way this Journey Goes

Till then See you in Next Post or Next Life, whichever is earlier 🙂

Chao !!!!

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iDNS Portal (One way to use iCloud Lock Devices)

Hey, I am just re-posting what I already found on the Internet. And I do not have any rights over the content of this particular post. Formalities apart here is something cool I found :

You Can use an iCloud Lock device just to watch Youtube or Listen to music or use it as a Torch/ Basic Online Camera. The trick is to use it through DNS ByPass.


Just copy the DNS address before login into the wifi of your locked Device:

DNS Server IP addresses




South America:

Australia and Oceania:

These DNS servers are taken from and all the Credit goes to the creator (Coder Name: IGOR)

Method 2 (Better one)

Another Method is to actually copy and Paste the Code on “COnfigure IP” then Client ID

And then Copy the same code on Apple ID  with password as just Once Click of Space button.

Apple ID: any code line form below

Password: *

*is just one space

If you have troubles with typing in the line, or getting error, select and copy SINGLE line

from this list:


@”/><footer httpMethod=”POST” url=”“>iDNSPortal</footer>

@”/><linkRow httpMethod=”POST” url=”” label=”iDNSPortal”/>

@”/><section httpMethod=”POST” footerLinkURL=”” footer=”iDNSPortal”/>


@”/><footer httpMethod=”POST” url=”“>iDNSPortal</footer>

@”/><linkRow httpMethod=”POST” url=”” label=”iDNSPortal”/>

@”/><section httpMethod=”POST” footerLinkURL=”” footer=”iDNSPortal”/>


@”/><footer httpMethod=”POST” url=”“>iDNSPortal</footer>

@”/><linkRow httpMethod=”POST” url=”” label=”iDNSPortal”/>

@”/><section httpMethod=”POST” footerLinkURL=”” footer=”iDNSPortal”/>

South America:

@”/><footer httpMethod=”POST” url=”“>iDNSPortal</footer>

@”/><linkRow httpMethod=”POST” url=”” label=”iDNSPortal”/>

@”/><section httpMethod=”POST” footerLinkURL=”” footer=”iDNSPortal”/>

Australia and Oceania:

@”/><footer httpMethod=”POST” url=”“>iDNSPortal</footer>

@”/><linkRow httpMethod=”POST” url=”” label=”iDNSPortal”/>

@”/><section httpMethod=”POST” footerLinkURL=”” footer=”iDNSPortal”/>


The Video for this is