The Thought Reader

For many years man is interested to know what’s going on in a woman’s mind. Sorry for the latest technologies that anything like the “Thought Reader” machine could not be established yet.

A famous writer Napoleon Hill on his books on “Law of Success”  wrote that “Every thought has a frequency”. Less vibrating substance can be observed by touch, little more than that can be heard by bare ear(resonance), little more than that vibrations can be felt as heat (friction), very great vibrations can be seen or emitted as light (VIBGYOR) and for the final the things vibrating above that frequency may be thoughts.

I look forward for the future Bio-technologist that we invent something that will revolutionaries the world if we are able to hear thoughts going on, on others mind (or your own mind).

All the very best friends.

And Keep Faith: “Anything is Possible”


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