Time Travels and We Sleep!!

Imagine you by any means of accident get into comma. A deep sleep may be for a day, a month or some years. Lets fix 10 years.

You are sleeping on a bed and have a memory of the last good night kiss before dropping your girlfriend to her house. Your dad and mom worrying about why you came late in house this night. Your brother or sister asks to promise that you will do their work as soon as possible. And you sleep for right 10 years on your bed having no idea of what is happening around you.

And after a long duration you get up form bed finding your body has become huge. Your girlfriend is married to some other guy and your mom and dad no longer to welcome you…

It could happen worse or it could happen a great fortune….anything….

But in my view the point to note is this happens every day to you. You go to bed and sleep for certain amount of time. The clock is still tickling on your wall. The whole world turns around and completes half a rotation till the morning and before you get up, many things might have changed….

So better sleep less and work more as Time Waits for None.

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