A Note 2 Human

(Original writing date: 12th August 2010 )

Humans ! Human are the dominant species of 20th century. With the power of knowledge and exposure to exploit a vast number of species, they decide the life of others.

Human decide the selection of the most productive speicies to live and others to die. Even there are examples that human favors a spices of food chain to suppress or modify the population of other.

Human need “grain” to feed upon and rats spoil them. Thus to reduce the “rat” population, human favor the life of “snakes”.

At a microbiology lab, microbes useful to human are re-cultured and the one of less importance are killed by using selective media.

Though Your are the Dominant species of today, I want to inform you that I promise you of a day when I will be the Snake in the life of you all Rats !!

Tapish Dongre


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