Untold Stories Post 14: Killing Your OWN CHILD

I am a Bio-technologist, I like to poss off or actually distribute my share of knowledge that I Learned by paying Huge Sum of money going to different schools, universities and other Educational Institutions,
I was just discussing about various options and new technology what we have these days. Medical Science, Plant Biotechnology, Bio weapons, Bio Fuel and Even Bio Metrics
One female approached me in my shift during Sun-crop Stadium retail staffing event and asked me, Can you or your technology determine sex of my child I am carrying,
Yes, I replied politely and I asked Why you want to know that???
She dogged my question and asked me again, How much time is required for the test or how much days has to be over for the test to occur?
I answered her query and informed here that test takes hardly two minutes with the technology we have right now…and can be done in less than 4 weeks after Pregnancy
She asked do you know someone who can do this test form me??
Yes I replied again, but before that I need to know Why you want to know the sex of your child?

She finally Replied, I already have a Girl Child, I wanted a boy Child now to carry forward my generation and protect this girl child.

I was shocked to hear this that After Coming to Australia, I am meeting people of such a strong base mentality.

I asked her again, So you mean you will abort this child if thats a girl?? You will destroy her right to come in this world only because your choice of sex progeny is a Male Child.
She did not reply to this question and Just requested me again to gain the contact information of the person I know that can do these test for her.

I replied politely I cant understand your situation right now but according my ethics that I learned till date, I cannot give you that information as the motive is not strong enough.

I said sorry I cannot give that information to you.
In Australia yes getting info about sex of child before birth is legal but, But killing your own child just because of your choice of your choice of sex for a progeny is unethical to me.

I have nothing to teach you out of this story today. I am shocked myself.

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