Powerful Words

Words have power.
Words express emotions
Words decides attitude
Words change a persons personal view and some times person itself.

You might remember some over the many stories what you read in your childhood…
The Hat salesman and Monkeys mimicking him, The resting caught in net lion and Mouse’s friendship story, Two cat fighting over pile of food and Monkey eating them one by one in a beam balance…..Crocodile and Monkeys bitter friendship story….

All theses are still hidden in somewhere in your positronic brain and I think all might have refreshed the whole story when I used them in above line. My point is before these stories came into your brain or effected your way of thinking, they were just some “words” printed on paper which may or may not have any relevance to you in your life. 21st or I may say 22nd generation might have something else in their course what we writers are writing now.
I am somewhere somehow proud to be a writer, that some day someone in future will be reading the ‘Words” I am writing right at this moment. So here is a simple thought: Now it our responsibility, Our include me, you, our generation, our parents generation and the next future owners of humanity, IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that every word coming out of your mouth, pen or fingers on keyboard are used in a way which make you” and only “You” the reason to bring a new change in the minds of every reader and his fellowmates. As words have a power and Power has effect. Today or Tomorrow Your words are going to make a new society.

All the Best present writer….
The world is in you hands…….

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