Books Gives Shelter

Recently I was throwing all the paper cardboard covers of the book I studied and used so far. I know when we go for selling the used book for recycling (Raddi in hindi), only the main pages are being weigh sold and some cost per kg is given in return by the Raddiwala (merchant). The hard cardboard cover goes in for waste. So I sat down and removed it and kept it out of house to just throw it….

While doing so a small kid about age 8 or 9 came and started collecting the cardboards. Being Indian I was curious to know where my trash goes. This is a special quality that we posse that there may be gold kept inside our house cupboards but we are interested in if our waste is being used by any person in the world.  Those curiosities lead me to ask him “Why are you taking the cardboards with you?”

He smiled and replied, “That’s for making a hut”

I asked him again, “Ohhh, so it is your school project you are working on..?”

“No” he said “I am actually collecting these cardboard to cover the roof of the hut I live in.”



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