YULM Chapter 5


Time looks great when you are running a smiley life and second by second tickles when it had to go the other way…..

First days with her were great and I imagined the whole life out of it. Two perfect kids. A boy and A girl, Yet I didn’t think of their names but I figured out how cute they looked one on her and one on my hand…

“I will not have sex with you, not now Not Ever”

It was a kind of dialogue which broken up almost all of my futuristic plans. But why the hell I asked her that question. I know I don’t wanted to but asking your girl for a kiss is more difficult than proposing her itself. (A person should never ask any girl for a kiss. Just Do It. This I realized very late by then)

Through my Imaginations it got into a big quarrel with me and her. And as we say, “Thoughts Become Things”

And the argument/ discussion/ whatever you say stated on fire.

“I didn’t mean to have sex with you now but I don’t want to lose the hope that it will never happen.” I said.

From a kiss urge it started to futuristic argument with no clue how.??!

“If you want we will adopt the babies you need. I am not going through all the pain just to create babies for you and I hate the imagination of having sex at all.” was the instant reply.

She even joked, “If you want you can have maids to create babies for you”

A boy hates jokes when he is seriously involve in any discussion how so stupid it may be. When will girls understand this fact?

I don’t remember when was our first argument stated and on what topic, But I do remember this gave us new ideas of each other.

From “I like everything in you.” It went “Your dressing sense is odd, what kind of friends you are with, why you do such things I don’t like you doing all this. Tapish, you have made my expectations down.” Girls I don’t know how frequently change appreciation to criticism.

At last we got angry on each other and then stopped talking with each other.

This was the time where every second counted, as if clock has stated working slowly, Tick Tock Tick Tock every second I felt something missing out of my life.

Is this Love???

Is this the feeling what every boy and girl in love feel about.???

Though quarrelling and fighting over one other but still feel like keep arguing every day, every hour and every second….

Is this Love….

And heart said, “Yes It Is.”

I moved my legs towards the landline telephone kept on white table in my drawing room and it started ringing before I could touch the receiver. When I picked up the call and said “Hello!”

“I LOVE YOU” was the reply of the only voice I wanted to hear over now in a weepy voice.


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