YULM Chapter 4

Love makes life Beautiful….nice lyrics to sing a song…

Love – Attraction – Infatuation – Lust – Sex – Emotions…….these are the words hit on your personal dairy page one day after the other when you are in actual super creative game called “Life”

The days passed on very quickly when you spent time with the one you love. Sometimes hiding from parents and friends to spent time together and sometimes sitting in an idle pace having virtual conversations in our imagination even when your partner is not in front of you. This in turn increased the telephone bills to four fold and again makes our parents to put a caller id and regular check on bills to where the calling goes….

 The fact that we are never satisfied with our partner is because we always want to explore more and more of each other, with each other and for each other. This happened with me and this happens to every teen age boy who is normal. The first time I lost my focus was when she was teaching me some kind of biology lectures on the flowering plants (stupid hermaphrodites) and instead of checking the words out of her mouth I only paid attention on her lips.

Are they soft?

Are they smooth?

What a perfect shape…

How they come in contact with each other..?

 These were the word explained about the flowering plant to me where as my mind was thinking the same what you might have thought about while reading the above lines.

I felt like what to say or what not to…!!! A hell of biology was entering my mind. It was all pre occupied with all devil thoughts and imagination of the slap I am going to get if I ask and the girl says no. In the game of ‘life’ I was playing a role of a decent, in discipline young boy. But my mind was all indiscipline.

Lot and lot of struggle went in my mind… (what I already told you) and finally I decided to tell her…and I said.

“I want to have sex with you”

No I probably didn’t say that. I said something like…

“I want to have a baby form you” and she was shocked.

“I mean I want to be father of our child not now but in the future” What foolish, stupid and unfocused was I to ask that. What I should have said is any simple romantic line to receive my first kiss.

My first kiss….(Ohhh that’s completely another story and with a very different unusual situation…I will tell that later….) So where was I …ya yes I explained her that I want to put a sweet baby on your tummy in future.

And she replied, “Not now and never I am going to have sex with you. Even after marriage you want kids we’ll adopt them”

Really Love makes life beautiful. But also makes complicated and more stressful to understand the conditions, This line is not written in any book or any literature…but true….!!!



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