Entering A new Estate

After completion of my B.tech degree I headed to Hyderabad for Gate coaching classes. A new place brings lots of hopes as well as worries along.

First two days were the most frustative one. Our sir from helpBiotech assured us to come two or three days early and we will search room for you.

The movement we reached here the assured above statement was true except for the fact of a substitution of You instead of we.

So now its was our duty to search room in an unknown place with no place to live that day, having roughly about zero idea of the economic spending and an exhausted body due to travelling.

Though it was a sudden shock for us that helpBiotech provides only a idea about helping yourself, but even learning this was a pleasant experience.

After long tiring two day seach with spending a huge sum of money on  our roaming charges on mobile network. We finally arrived at a Green Colour 2BHK flat. Quite costly but a peaceful place to live.

Our flat owner Dr. Vijju(in short) was very helpful person. He guided me to various economic places nearby which was very necessary for a student life.

After having a peaceful shelter to stay and a personal room to think freely I hope all our worries will turn small and my next post will have more positivity than this one…

Signing off till next internet session.

Tapish M Dongre

3 thoughts on “Entering A new Estate

  1. nice experience…:)
    u know its good that u have to go through thse things..
    har baar if u want sab acha acha ho to maza nai aata..


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