YULM Chapter 3

“Ups and downs are the part of life and living happy in these ups and downs is the Art of life” –sri sri ravi shankara…

These kind of dialogue are been taught to a man when he is in his mid of journey to life and very close to death….But the fact is that more than this kinda stuff we learn at our school days itself..by self experience….

The girl you love or have an imagination that you are loving has expressed the same feelings to you. How do you think that day will go for you.?? Of course a ‘Happy’ should be a straight answer. But in real life the first dialogue of Sri Sri Sri Ravi Shankara happens to be true.

All these day…almost full year my mind went on thinking that how to propose her and now when I did and even she replied the same..My mind went blank..Now what? And they Happily Lived Ever After….!!! Sorry to admit you guys the story is mine and it had to go my way…

I use to get up early, Take bath every day (it sucks) and on my bicycle ride to school half an hour before to see the first sight of Snigdha entering form School gate and then spend at least 15 minutes of walk till cycle stand together. And form today the whole seen is subjected to change now. Now that the girl is mine I need not work hard for the stuff. This was the first day I reached Late to my school life..I had no plan to execute on what if the girl really replies to your proposal as “YES! I DO”

Somehow scolded and punshied for coming late to class I reached my schooling and saw Snigdha sitting on the same bench as before..as if there is no change in her life. My last dialogue isn’t really true. In her thots she has already chanded her as well as my life on a one go.

“Oh dear, you came late today” she said, and like a decent school story telling boy I explained what happed to me form the movement I woke up.

On that day I never realized that no one ever asked me of my early arrival but this day is quite different. Wow I am enjoying it.

We spent more and more time together, After every class we expected the present teacher to go out early and next teacher to enter late. All was in my mind to spend more and more time with her. The games period was all we needed to live the world and be alone where no one disturbs our talk and we are in limitless boundary of imaginations planning our future.

I hated the last class bell that is going to separate us form spending time together but according to school rules we have to leave the campus as soon as the last bell rings. This was the first day I entered the class late and have left the school campus very very late…

When I said B Bye to her followed by “Love You” I got a quick reply “Don’t say it a loud” and we got separated…I thought there is something strange but enjoyable to romance by hiding and feel the nasha of love.

The day was different and quite enjoyable. It was Happiness that we search in every positives and negatives of our partner (In every ups and downs). In fact there is no negatives of our partner when we are in love.

Love makes us Really Blind….!!!!!

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