Why People Talk…..

I mean to say why people do actually communicate ? Its most often that we ask a sick person that if he or she is fine and in reply we find an answer to that “Yes I am.” where as the actual fact remains untouched or untold.

It is most often that we do lie. The word ‘lie’ is not at all a negative word. I mean if we really understand the human behavior to various situation, there is a needy necessity for lying. Its start form a mother to her child that “do not demand of chocolate or luxury items as it may contain devil or untrue evil spirit” which actually keeps the children out of reach of the commodity form which the kid has to be protected form.

Many disclosures in many industry share a very small piece of information with the consumer and the seller itself is not telling you the truth as he himself does not have any information over the product.

Many of the time a simple decent individual replies to a query that “the job will be done in five minutes.” When in actual practical terms the given work is physically not possible to carry out in five minutes by what so ever means the job is being done.

In fact I want to say the actual terms Human tells other Human only the word which keeps the receiver in stable emotional condition. You may perceive this dialog in a positive terminology that:

“We tell others or speak only the words which will bring about a positive change or a positive hope that carries the human tendency to feel comfortable with.”


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