In Bhandra for Holiday..

The project’s complications was increasing day by i decided to have a trip to my parents and celebrate may sister’s official birthday..
So I packed my luggage along with my Internet connection and heeded to Bhandra, a palce called Jawarhar Nagar around 45 km form Nagpur. An amusing byck ride definitely gave me all the relaxation I wanted and now I am ready to go back and do the remaining work of my project titled “Artificil Neual Network”
But truly speaking the food what mom cooks stops me for going back…daily new dishes for all over Indian styles….form south’s dosa idli wada to north dhokla…I am enjoying all the stuff that mummy server in front of me…
and mummy’s new microwave has added the list in menu items…
i have hell lot of choices to eat here…ya I love might have got the idea by now..
and the real thing is Mothers food is Mothers can never get this taste when you cook alone or oder by tiffin services…
So I am enjoying my stay in ORDNANCE FACTORY Bhandra for the first time….
love you all…

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