The Avatar Show

this is a dream so involve no logical explanations..

Long time ago there lived a King in Arab Country…I really don’t know his name but he was my father…that’s right…I was the Prince of Arab

Once I was taking a tour to my future kingdom and and I saw that my soldiers tied James Carmen’s AVATAR with nearly 70 ropes form all 8 sides..His color was now Brown instead of can understand its Arab & sand all around and not any other planet & mother nature Eve ..

So I gave a  order all troops “hey leave him he is a nice guy..”

troop replied ” Sir, apology but this huge creature can make harm to our kingdom”

I replied ” I know him he is not an evil, I dont know where from but I know this creature”

Now following my order my troop left this brown AVaTAR..and now it was time that we will be friends forever..but gosh..

The brown AVATAR was really an evil one..

in one second he smashed all my troop and went to destroy my Castle

I said to myself “what a great mistake I did” and then I took my Sword and began towards the castle…and in doing so I slipped my leg over the Banana and I woke up…

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