Untold Stories 43 : The Birbal’s Trap

Form a long time I wanted to post this story, but these days, I am kinda very very buzy.

The readers of Akhbar-Birbal Tales should have the overall idea that Akhbar was a king during the ancient times when Kings use to rule India, and Birbal was a wise man on his team.

Once Akhbar wanted to do some work from his neighboring kingdoms thus he invited kings of all nearby nation for a supper to his place. All the Kings agreed to the plan proposed by Akhbar except but one. King Akbhar wanted the full support of all and thus he wanted the one king opposing this plan also to be part of the plan. To convince the person who opposed, Akbhar requested Birbal to take care of the matter. Birbal spent some days with the other king and then observed his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn over all things what this person did on his daily life. Finally one day opposed king observed a Camel out of his window, he has never seen a camel in his kingdom and hence asked Birbal, “Why the Camel has a hunch on his back?”

Birbal thought this is the right moment to take chance and try one of his ideas of the wisdom he always uses. He told the opposed king, “This is Camel of the Desert, long time ago he was a natural looking animal looking very beautiful creature on this planet, but one day King Akbhar wanted to do some work and the Camel opposed him and thus as a punishment, King with his magical power gave him a Hunch Back. Since that time the Camel and all his generations has a Hunch on his back.”

The opposed king got scared by story, as even that time he was the only one who raised voice against king and did not support his plan. Any person with even little knowledge of Animal Kingdom can know that Camel’s hunch back has nothing to do with King Akbhar. But Ignorance of the opposed king got him into the TRAP. And that was one of the trap which became successful. The opposed king next day submitted his approval and the King was able to execute his plan with full support from the entire neighboring kings.

When I heard this story first time form my Maternal Grandfather, I laughed out a hard that how stupid a King can be who does not know about the Camel. But one must know Ignorance and lack of experience is not a crime but is definitely non advantageous. Years after this when I came to Australia, I had some good and some cunning friends. But I was ignorant that who is who.
One day when I was walking among the streets of Boundary Street, I asked one of my ex-good friend Ali, looking at some semi autistics retards on street that “why these guys are behaving like this ?” Ali might be pulling my leg and having known of my past habits gave me a story, “Initially these guys were good and supporter of the rich heritage of Australia, but smoking and having weed over time made them retards like this, and now these guys even cannot speak properly.”

I having no knowledge about ill effects of weed, believed in the story and imagined that due to my habbits during university life, even my future will be like in time I will lose my sense of judgment and will not be able to speak properly. Slowly I started losing my self confidence and then started taking every decision only after asking Ali or only after waiting for Ali’s approval. I never thought in childhood that even I can fall for a BIRBAL’s TRAP.

Concluding my story, yes Weed has its ill effects but you won’t become complete Retard by consuming weed. And having less information and not consultation of other sources can definitely lead you to take decisions which may be beneficial for others and sometimes harmful for yourself.

So I would say, gather as much of general information as much as you can, don’t depend on only one source as you may never know, who is the Birbal standing just near you!!!! 😉

Have a Great Week Ahead 🙂
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Untold Stories 41: The USEFUL PAGE

Every Era there will be a new pattern of education system. Several years ago started with writing on stone walls, then carried on with writing on leaves, then followed by writing on paper
which is still used, and now the era of using Character user interface or modernly Graphical user inter phase i.e E-Books.
I Tapish Dongre have taken birth somewhere between the era of paper and e-paper. But in my Class Xth I can say due to very less access of Computers, Paper system was the most prominent one.
As Most of My primary education was in India, and particularly Southern Part of India, The local Education pattern had a major impact on me. Though we were in Co-Ed, but the mentality was
just as if we are studying in Boys/Girls schools separately. I remember after school hours, when I use to take a bicycle ride to Ravi Kiran​’s house, though one of batch mate was living
just above his house, was seldom use to get along, not because she dint want to…but as the society dint allow to.
Now I hope situations have been differed. And Pairs of Girlfriend and Boyfriend starts long before students enter in Class Xth, but the strong routes of Cultural Restriction are deep down spread along.

One of the Most followed practice was to Respect the Paper.
Locals believed that the paper is form of God, Then Books can be intreperated as GOD. The thin line giving the connection is that: Education is coming out of books and thus
Books are the representation of “Sarasawati Goddes”.The Goddess of education and Knowledge.

Thus having these concepts we use to think that countries outside India must be very bad as they use the Goddess to wipe out their Morning Raga. Having these thought, During my Class Xth (year 2005),
it was very common to go to “TUITION” which are private coaching or guidance after the School Hours. As Education drives money, thus lots and lots of housewife, employs of the surrounding,
and Retired persons started their own Education Classes at their home. Its was just like and Extra income for them that Every evening, when schools are over, and even they finish
the jobs, spend time with 20 to 50 students and teach them one subject and take a small amount form them as education fees.

As there were many tuition teachers it was difficult to choose which one to get admission to. One which is close to house or one which can get you high marks or the one which don’t
be a high investment on parents pocket.

I use to hate the Tuition system as it killed the time for Playing, or Watching TV. But still the subjects you are week into, or the peer pressure, pushes you to finding a personal
tutor and join the institution.

Soon after a new fad came to existence called, “AFTER TUITION TALKS”

We use to gather in Groups at various set points and talk what happened in various Tuition Classes, and the topic were strictly non educational one 🙂 Ha Ha.

So this article’s whole and sole purpose was the reminder of one of the incident which was told to me to Ravi Kiran on an After Tuition Talk session.
He came to me in a very sad tone and said,
Dude, you wont believe what happened in today class!
To which I asked the obvious question, “What??”

And the reply was,

Today My Tuition Aunty was teaching me Mathematics. And her small baby pooped in front of us. Thus she took my Mathematics text book, tore a page and wiped the poop with it in front
of me. I was having no words to reply mate, Saraswati Mata used as Poop Wiper Page. That page was used like this, I mean useful Page, but used like this, Dude my Current Text book, Even my exams are not over for this subject.

Listing to his story I was thinking, may be we local people of ORDNANCE FACTORY (O.D.F) FRNDS​ Kendriya Vidyalaya, Eddumailaram​, are going towards the progress and competing with world by using paper to wipe poop and That child is the first
suitable candidate to do that. Though we cannot go to any other county due to our poor score in Mathematics but I guess this child will do.
Ravi broke me out of my thinking and asked, Dude what Should I do??
To which I had no reply but we laughed out for the whole night imagining the situation again and again…

P.S. Ravi and I both made to Australia to pursue higher Education. And Please dont ask us we use water here or paper.
Good Day guys
Have a great week Ahead 😛
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Untold Stories Post 18: Baby Health Competition

When I was small, Really Really Small and I had no sense of understanding of good vs bad.
So this story is the Interpretation of the data and Pictures I got from my known ones.

Every year in the period of 1989 to 1996, a Baby Health Competition was conducted in Ordnance Factory Chanda, Chandrapur, Maharashtra, INDIA.
I have, actually I was made to participate in the completion by my mother. With the proper care of my diet, neatness and presentation taken by my mother to me, I managed to score the 2nd Position in the competition in the whole estate in the year 1990.
I did not relize but some years back that I missed the 1st position because there was muskara (kajal) on my eyes. This concept was new to me but still is followed in India that a samll Black Dot is kept on the cheek or head or near eyes of a baby to protect him/her form negative energy projected by other living beings. (Mechanism is still unknown to me 🙂
The Doctor told my mother that Applying Muskara near the eye area is harmful for the baby, It may spoil the kid’s eyes and he explained various reasons why the kids shouldn’t be wearing any makeup for any occasion as their safety is more important than their beauty. (And Kids are cute anyways 🙂 )
That Day I definitely lost a competition but my mother Learnt an important lesson. She upgraded from what was taught to her by her surrounding to what a Qualified Doctor explained about baby nurturing. Since then all my pictures I have of my childhood lack the back muskara makeup and the pictures reflect as I am.

The story Dose not End over here

My mother took it next level…

I participated the competition again in 1991 and I won the completion, People feel proud to say they they scored highest OP in Australia or Score 90% grade in 12 in India, but I was the one who was Proud to Score the 1st Position just 2 years after my birth 🙂
After 5 years of this incident in 1996 my little sis Kritika Milind Won the Baby health competition in the same place..
The Story Sill Dose not End here..

On a recent conversation in a marriage ceremony, My mom was teaching this concept of Muskara to some of the new born’s mothers and educating them with the knowledge that she learnt.
Mother Tejashri Milind did never stopped at one learned lesson, and kept on learning the latest information, Teenage trends and their psychology and various new stuff which she keep on UPGRADING herself on a day to day basis…
This might be one of the reason she can well communicate with Current Generation Youth and keep guiding them according to the experiences she faced/failed and Upgraded in Life 🙂

SO I guess If Failing in one Baby Health Competition could give such a positive Change, I am ready to fail again and again for a better learning of one’s failure and thereby methods to Win With Strong Base in various field
Happy Day World..
Happy Week 🙂

Taking Break….Will B Back Soon

A long break form wirting friends and till date there has lot of ups and downs in my journey…

M in Australia
Got Engaged before comming her
Pre-Determined Thoughts about a lot of things changed in new envrironment..
There is really great stories to tell you all…and I promice myslef to start writing again form November 2013
Happy Day Guys

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