Nominated and Won “Best Article of the Issue” – ACTA Scientific

Our Research Article won the Best Article of the Issue “Voume 2, Issue 8” year 2018 of ACTA Scientific Publication in field of Plant Biotechnology and Agriculture Development.

The research article describes how computer simulation can be use to determine the best concentration of nutrient media by running various plant growth experiments in computer simulation. This technology of using Artificial Neural Network can save time and resources in modern Scientific laboratory and have potential to bring a revolutionary change in Agricultural Industry.


Best Article certificate

Modern Students and Scientist along with all enthusiastic can read the whole publication issue at the link

If any of the reader have interest in publication of their research contribution they can do it by submitting the article to Acta Sceientific website or contacting the Senior editor by Ms. Prerna Deshmukh by email (Contact: +91-9182824667). The Acta Scientific team is very friendly and can guide you through the whole process of publication. 

Please don’t forget to cite our article in your research and I would be happy to help/discuss the topic and process if and when needed. My email Id is Current Contact Details +61 415 370 974. (living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4066 at the time of this publication)



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