Untold Storie Post 83 : Start Writing Again You Fucker !!!!

So simply on 29th Oct 2019 overstressed by the pressure of loss going through the new owned business “HI Guard Security Services” I started reading my own blogs to get inspiration from.



Too many words on a single line above.

I was actually pretty impressed by my own ideas and views from the year 2007 to the Year 2015. Then I wondered why did I stop writing?

So many times I thought to start writing again and then procrastinated about doing it and then left it as it is.

Then I fumbled upon the person/or his blog, because of whom I go inspiration to write and it was actually this particular post: https://ashishmandrah.wordpress.com/aboutme/


He is a Schoolmate of mine, and with time even he stopped writing…

Nowadays thinking of starting to write is like Planning to Go to GYM,

I start that too every week and then stop somewhere during mid of the remaining 7 days.

I even pay $32.59 per fortnight for some ungodly reason that will force me to go to the GYM but it doesn’t really happen for a long time.

This post is not actually putting my pessimistic thoughts on the blog and getting frustrated by Grammarly which keeps correcting me every three words I type. But in reality, it’s just a warm-up exercise to my fingers and brain that WRITING is fun and I should give it a chance every now and then to come back and keep Posting Random stuff as I use to do before.


I know currently out of the 2 thousand supporters I had on WordPress only 32 are remaining. But as I learned in Engineering that Demands Pulls rather than Supply Pushes or the other way round, I will come back to WordPress or by some other Publishing media play the WORD Game again.

Hope you are there with me whichever way this Journey Goes

Till then See you in Next Post or Next Life, whichever is earlier 🙂

Chao !!!!

#tapishdongre #utsp

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