Experience of alcohol addiction and over coming from that. Written By Suresh B,

I have faced more problems in my life for the alcohol. This my life is example for who all addicted in alchohal.tha alchohal user’s different types . some people drinks any function times only.some people daily two or more times drinks.some people drink and drive get accidents.some peoples get side effects for the drink alcohol.some peoples doing illegal activates and arrested by police.(1)

Some peoples drink daily and they won’t going jobs.they not sleep properly.some guys stole things from home and sale for buy drinks.they won’t worry about father,mother,wife,children’s and family.they only think about alcohol only.they affect by mentally.they feel very badly about their family and getting unwanted angry on family.they went some where for drinks.they trying suicide.they using always alcohol.(2)

The person who having the habit of drinking will not live happy life and also their neighbours and family.no use of their person.even in childhood day onwards they have this type of habit.they will not accept there.A drunk habit they will not go to job regularly and not take care of their home.they have tha pain for that they think if we take drink mens tha problem solve. Like wise they think.when they started to think this is not our problem that time only they come out from this habit.i can’t able to stop this habit of drinking and using drug.they think we have to stop this habit but they don’t know the way to stop.if we ask will you change?if they have the God’s grace mean it can happen otherwise they face the deth.for this habit we have one way. Alcoholics anonymous if they went to their meeting they can save the life from death . normally he unit not sit & attend this meeting. I f daily went only he can realise why I use this drinking habit why it’s happen to me he can value for a week or for a month or for a year the way he was attending the meeting.(3)

I also face this problem.in 2010 alcoholics anonymous save my life from death.i attend this meeting daily all the 365 days will go 8years are get over. (4)

In forgive girl are having the of drinking so that only many divorce are take place without having tha habit of drinking the family facing many problem.in a family both husband and wife drink means the problem will more.you think and say.we are facing many problem.if we are good but give are excepting more from us.but husband are not like that.so that divorce place.what the men’s thinking same like tha gives are thinking.some girls will not sleep properly so that they have some pain in heart.the girl can think some one is talking something but they think they are talking about us only.become of this they use to put or take drug.they make this as a one habit.sex problem,thinking about there children.they can think if my husband having some relationship with anyone.they can feel more.some girls while walking them talking and go.some girls make suicide.tha problem will be more.some health problem as come. (5)

Those who not have any type of habit they face this problem. Facing many problem they started to use drugs. So they face some pain in heart for this they will not sleep at night they use Internet,cinema, phone. For this we have one meeting. Hear all type of drugs acidizing person they can solve there problem.(6)


My life

I am tha addict I born india tamil nadu.when I was in 3 years my father passed away.he also have the habit of drugs alchohal.he work in railway.in home mother, brother, sister in childhood onwards though use alchohal.my father’s brother always use alcohol drugs I see that. He kept half of the glass me and his son use to drink at age of 9.many time we use like that.i don’t have any friend.they won’t send out in used to play near tha Buddha’s temple.there thailand Buddha’s cart be there i play with them.my brothers play cricket play with him.i am study well up to 8std Then is how Less intrst in 10th std. In that time I met with one new friend I use to play with him.at age if 14 we use to take alcohol &drugs so we took more alcohol drugs and return back to home.(7)

I reach home and go to eat my mother see me and ask are your drunk ?yes mom please don’t say to anyone.his mother also say ok and she is not take it seriously and I forget that,whenever my friend get money we use to take alcohol drugs.at tha age 15 my parent are so sticks to me.hans,panparak,mama, cigarette use to take this.i get more friends at tha age of 16 in chennai week by once monthly once I use to take drugs . Saturday and Sunday if any friends come means we won’t forget to take drugs.i learn all that games . cricket is my favourite game.two time I take ganja but I not like that.i studied that time I like to take alcohol alone so I take alcohol alone.i will not go to job properly if went means I go for only one or two only.if I get tha salary I use to spend with in one day in that age I alone & play with my friends that is my habit.(8)

I play cricket league match play well.from this is thought I get job then later using alcohol.i play cricket that also left me alcohol drug habit get more and more. Early morning is used to take at 5am. I like very much to take a alcohol drug in morning.i don’t have money I cheat my mom,brothers and get money to take alcohol drug later sold the thinks in my home from that money i take alcohol drug. At tha age of 24 I become alcohol drug addict.if I tension used to broke all the things and scold my mother in bad words it will not obey my brother words.i some with my friend my mind fully about alcohol drugs. How to use?where to use?whom to use?whom I can get money? That only I think I love one girls I used to take with her.in one day I take drug and talk in phone. I talk badly so she stop talking with me if I with my friends i forget that.in 2004 I went to sabari malai.my brother is a alcohol drug addict.one day he get pain in stomach so we admitted in hospital and take good treatment from that day on wards he stop taking alcohol drugs. After 3 months I started to get pain in stomach pain I can’t able to take food,I can’t able to sit in can’t able to lay down. My brother admitted me in hospital. (9)

I take treatment in tha hospital 10 days. doctor said hear after don’t take any alcohol drugs. 3 months I not take any alcohol drugs.i get a thought to take alcohol drug again so I take alcohol drugs in home itself. my brother watch that started to scold I don’t take it as serious. I take  alcohol drug and travels in bike I met with accident and admitted in hospital 15 days.my brother engaged so I thought hear after I won’t alcohol drug.after 1month I started to take more alcohol drugs.again I started stomach pain I admitted in hospital 7 days and return home safely. again and again I used alcohol drug more and more my brother said hearafter I won’t take care of you.then I said to my sister about my problem. she said you go and admit in hospital I take care of you.(10)

likewise I get tha pancreatic pain again my sister and mother both 12 times admit me in hospital.after my brother marriage is said to my sister is can’t able to feel my pain so please admit me in hospital hearafter I not take alcohol drugs.so she said to their neighbours and admit me in ttk hospital.i was in full alcohol drugs so they ask to come tomorrow. I ask my sister admit in any other hospital.so she admit me in rehabilitation center their I not like so within 10 days I return back my brother home again started the drug habit.within 2 month after marriage he started to take alcohol drugs.so he was get pancreatic pain so he admit in first hospital which I was admitted.he pick up his uncle and mom to hospital.he was working railway so he was admit in that hospital.after 4days he was passed away 15.5.2007 next day moon is no moon day so that evening itself they did all the work for my brother and everyone ask me to promise that hearafter I won’t use alchohal drugs. 3days eagle flying obove our home I was afraid in that time I not understand anything I am not using alcohol drug passed 16 days.again I started no money in my hand so started to use ganja again I ask my sister to admit in that hospital so she admit me in tha addiction rehabilitation center in that night sever stomach pain.(11).

De addiction center they call to my sister after 2days I went to home and see my mom and sister.i said to them i am going to admit in that De addiction cum rehabiltation centre.no they way I move to that centre I used alcohol drug. I am there 15 Aug 2007.35 days I will be there.when coming out meeting you go and attend take tablet regularly they give council. I am not went to meeting but I take tablet properly after 15 days I said to my friends I am going to used alcohol drug.if anything happen please left me in my home.i used alcohol drug suddenly my eyes are in dark red colour.my hand s are getting swearing.i get afraid. so I went home I stop taking tablet.one month is not take tablet but I went to meeting some days I take tablet.my sister call to the rehabilitation center and join me there.morning 6 clk I am using alcohol drug the person are come from that centre pick me up and while moving to that center. I ask alcohol drug they finally give 15 Aug 2008 I am there in that center 2days. (12)

I’m not take tablet not went meeting not take my food properly my hands & legs are started swearing.i went to meeting and ask my senior and tell my stay to him for that he said cum meeting 90 days. I attended 90 days meting there i see one girl she is elder than me I like to talk with her i waiting for her call.i forget taking alcohol drug.i eat well went to job.all my needs are getting I am so happy after 90days.i attend only one meeting in a week.after 120 days I started to use alcohol drugs. I get afraid while I using alcohol they girl left me only one or two meeting only I attend.i thought if start De addiction center means I won’t use alcohol drug. so that be tha member of that center . daily I talk to that girl I will not meet and talk only in phone talk.3times I seen her in Temple. one day she is saying like this I call her daily always is come is come cal waiting cal waiting  till full night it cum cal waiting .early morning also it will come cal waiting .but is going on calling. I will not accept that tha memories are coming back.i am not taking alcohol drug. sleeping is not coming.she is not talking to me one dayIt seemed that someone was going to bury me alive  I telling to my mother and brother is alive only I go and search and coming. then I take my bike some place and return back home while ear song is going in get afraid that thought someone is following me using camera they are following me like that I think and I thought again my sister and mother send to that center I thought then is started to do sucide trying tablet but no one give then I take my

mother saree and hang in fan.but that is not get success.I fell down with the fan(13)

im started to get afraid if I enter the home I Felt that someone is following me.so I went to my sister home and there i started to do sucide. that some fan suicide but my sister seen and she started to shout.so I take the knife is not sharp.then with that knife I punch in my neck their bloods are coming out but nothing happen.again I take the knife punch in my eyes that also nothing happen with that knife I cut my Penis nothing happen take the towel and hang in that in bathroom. my weight is too much so I come out my mom and sister started to shout.we will go and come one place they said but I said  no then I plan to do sucide at the top of my home but it’s short opposite home was 2 floor i went there but the trace was lock then again I come to my house trace if I feel down mean only hands and legs only get broken.so opposite we fell down then only my head broken.i having 3 cigarate but cigarate my plan is change run to Road and fell down after that I don’t know what happen to me.i was in hospital 3to4days nothing is in my mind later they send me in ambulance to take ct scans then only I get remember it was diwali 2009 was admitted in hospital 15 days and reach home. (14)

tha old habit nothing in my head.

4days I was calling that give in pco but she was not pick again that old memories come to my mind.last time I am not used alcohol drug to that only I not die.this time I use tha alcohol drug then we do sucide I plan like that.little bit I used alcohol my mind get block not is my mind.i am go to komastage when I open my eyes I was my home.nothing I understand.from morning to evening I used more alcohol drugs but now little bit also I can’t able to take it don’t know why.at night again I take  alcohol drug my mind bloke so I plan to move thuruvannamalai but I don’t have money so is ell my fridge at cast 500 rupees.with that money i went and left in cutlet. (15)

[19/05, 23:06] Sures: I brought to little level alcohol there.my mind full black out.i don’t know where I am going.i went small village.i don’t have money.what happen to me I don’t know I’m getting thirty I seen one home there is take water it was it was un time I don’t know the way to go main road there was one home went there ask money will you help me that person said no bus now you go and sleep in that temple morning I give money you go bt I walk on tha main road too far.then I think why we walk this much far finally I reach home.my mom call to the center to take me tha after 4days my mother pick me from there feel that some strength is come in my body.i went to play ground see the sun from morning 9 o’clock 10mits I see the sun it was sounding rounding.i get shocked again next day went to same place see the sun again I get shocked . after that I not seen that again tha old memories cum no money in hand sold the cylinder for 1500 I think getting alcohol drugs.(16)

[19/05, 23:06] Sures: I used smal level alcohol.i don’t remember what happen.when I wake up i am In De addiction center November 2009 I am there.i won’t talk to anyone there.one member talk to me ,he said he attend 100 more than meetings.he missed one meeting.27th January 2010 I come home.one day evng 5pm I feel what I see like camera.i afraid about that.same day I admitted in hospital.next day I am all right.i went 200 meetings.again my old memories came.again I thought to suicide.i jumped in road.in my head get injury and blood flow.i admitted in indra gandhi hospital.i went ponducherry.daily I attend the meeting without fail.i attend the meetings.338 day.after I come chennai and attend meetings.2011 January 1st I  get my first medal.i start the de addiction centre.starting 15 days they talk about me very badly.so I leave from them.i star separately, I lose more mony for getting permition for the center.i won’t miss any meetings.(17)

[19/05, 23:06] Sures: I unable to continue the programs due to my sister husband passed away on November 2013.after 2 months,I leave my bike on my home out side.someone stole my bike.bike register in my uncle name so I not give compliant un police. I search my bike in more places but can’t find my bike.again I start De addiction center.they get good response from addict patients.in 2015 heavy rain in chennai.the rain water came inside my center.after 2016 I changed my de addiction center to other place.one day some one called more than 3 times.they talk like rude to me. I cut the call and I won’t talk to him.after 3 months one crime inspector came my center.he called me to police station. I went place station with him in police van.they treat me like criminal.they beat me full day.they show one list to me and asked whose number this I said don’t know.after one month one patient passed away in my de addiction center,they closed my center.october 19th 2016 they arrested me.i did not do anything wrong.they put me on jail.i lose more money.january 4th 2017 I released from jail . January 1st 2018 get 8th medal.daily I am going meeting. (18)

[19/05, 23:06] Sures: the world health organisation said , who all addicted for alcohol in tha world,they all facing the problems in her /his life.so they won’t worry about this problem, because our thoughts only the reason for the afraid.we have solution for this issue.again they use the alcohol it’s create big problems for health.more than 200 countries they conducting the meetings in the world level including india. they conducting in tamil nadu and more than 70 places in chennai.


This is not for AA  NA members   Only for newcomers


Suresh B.

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