The Brain…..

Source of  !dea: Source code(2011)

Our Brain makes us do all the work . Our brain controls our body part. Our brain controls the movement of our middle finger of our right hand. How do we know that our brain could?

The link lies in the answer:

“What You Believe Is The TRUTH”

You   <–>  Brain  <–>  Truth

If you think you have the potential to move a finger of your right hand, then you are able to. If you think you can’t, then you can’t. It means that  a person is paralytic with his hand  if he believes that he cannot move his right hand. Its your brain makes you active and  allows you to control all your body parts and this could happen only if you believe that this could happen.

Another example is :

Gravitation acts on any body around the planet and we are confident that we will fall to ground because we strongly believe in the concept of Gravitation. But if you don’t believe, I mean strongly disbelieve the gravitation then there you have the power to “walk on walls” or “fly” against the Gravitation. What you require is a strong believe that the concept is true. Matrix et al.(1999)

This can again be explained that you want SUCCESS in life. Then you need to strongly believe in yourself. And when you do that, you are automatically a successful person. This works as the “Truth Lies in Your Believe.”

-Tapish M. Dongre


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