The assasinations..

This is a dream so just imagine…(no logical reasoning)

I went with my mom to my friend house in Rajasthan..a sandy place to spend a summer holiday and unfortunately i was asked to attend a funeral and thus now willingly but by force i have to attend it..

I found there that the house of my friend was so huge that its gate itself can accommodate a 50 guest in it..but the process by which the funeral ceremony has to go was a weird one

Food in a tray as big as myself was given to everyone..I bet I sweat was running through my face as  I dint even think of eating even a bit form that big tray..

the next weired thing was they were all natural with the deadbody being seperated form ther head and the head was serverd to all to  put teeka and by procedure..

at last when the plate served with Head of the Dead person came to me to do the tilak ceremony I was dam frightned and then suddntly the head on plate opened his eye


and then I open my eye and gone out of that freaky dream…

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