Entering to a New Website

This day was somewhat a gift to me. I welcomed the sun at morning 7.OO am and I found my computer ready for me..the dream i got last night was somewhat terrifying..you can refer todays dream post to what happned actually…so where I  was.. Oh ya the gift came as I was surfing to social networking sites like Facebook and Linked.in and then there I saw my friends profile named Ashish Mandrah and some of his post about how he started using Picks upload feature in Facebook..then I reallized that it was my dream to write a BLOG, I mean I communicate with very few number of humans around but I really want that when I die and people search my name in GOOGLE they can atleast know that I WAS…

And wooh-ho..i found that a person can post his view and ideas in wordpress and more than that it offerd me My Own Free Website..this was the greats gift..Ya “THE SECRET” works and I got what I wanted..

Life Is Awesome and I LOVE Living It..


One thought on “Entering to a New Website

  1. a hearty thanks to you.
    i came to knw abt this site from you..
    here i can express myself and write down whatever i want….
    this has become my diary..
    now i ll start writing abt my life nd experiences…
    it will preserve it forever..
    when i ll turn 70 or 80 nd my grand children will ask me my abt my stuffs in teenage and adolscenes
    i will tell them to read my blogs in wordpress…:)


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