Life Without You

A day starts
Lights brights
Moon shine
Dissapeared so fine
The boy wakes
sees the life
Of all the happiness
He chooses the light
Light says I love u
Dont leave me
I am for u
Boy says
I choose u
You are my life
But I wana shine too

Boy leads his path of success
He finds a Friend
He walks too far as
This story has an end

A call comes from the morning dawn
It is the light, which says I’m still on
The boy is walking up so high
He always dream to reach the sky

The Friend he meets
has something to fear
Though he never finds
A drop of tear

Boy scared one day
And calls the light
No reply and he get fright

Calls his Friend
just to whisper
I am scared
Be with me this winter

The Friend is whole
Pure and white
Says my Friend
There is no need to fright

Boy gets tears of joy
With lots of love
he dares to fly

The story will allways continue
but friend I don’t know
How will be
Life without u

How will be
life without U

4 thoughts on “Life Without You

  1. Light was always with you
    But what to do………!
    you were in fine shell of relation
    that surrounds you.
    you could not see the light..
    which was continuously
    tried to touch you.
    the day you stopped believing in light
    Was the day you start repelling the light.
    Now the light starts diverting herself…
    The light you loves is now looking herself and says..
    how would be my life as you starts believing the shell.
    Light has also purity but you cant see……
    As you are watching the whiteness of shell.


    1. Light and Friend both have diffrent value of importance in a persons life
      In the above poem boy chooses light as his partner. ..
      He even calls for the light when he need it. ..
      It might be co insidence or destiny that Friend helps the boy instead of light. ..
      I never said boy dosent want light. ..
      But boy now likes his Friend too….!


  2. Dear light..
    Need not to worry..the boy is always urs..
    Trust ur love dear..he is always urs..
    Boy is loving u as u r his life..
    Boy is loving his frnd as he loves the relation created by him.. one can love ur love like u..
    N it’s difficult 4 the boy to survive without light as the love of light is pure..
    Ofcourse the shell is pure n white..but it’s even difficult 4 the boy to survive within the shell..
    So my dear… the light should be always with the show the path towards the success..
    N my dear light..actually i have the habit of wishing all my loved ones n my dear u r also one of them..dn’t ask me y ok…chaitu loves the world..loves her frnds..
    So happy valentine’s day my u my frnd(one side frndship)


  3. To the boy:
    Since, very begning, boy decided to go so far to search his goal/destiny. He was willing to go so far but he was fearful, “how will he roam so far?” Then he saw bright blooming light. He proposed light to be with him( in his journey of sucess). Light said “yes”.
    Boy started his journey with the help of light. He was not in fear now. They went very long. A time came when light dissapears and boy left in darkness alone. He felt fear and tried himself to protect. He saw a shell nearby. He went inside and covered himself. Light appeared and said to boy to start his joueney again. But don’t know why boy wanted to stay inside?

    But light was in promise and don’t want the boy misslead by the illiusion of shell. He has his journey to complete and light is ready to be with boy. Its a path of sucess and journey of boy Where shell is a stoppage and Light is a “margdarshak”
    It was only a good opportunity of shell that she spent some time with boy.


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