The PS4/PS5 Games I am really looking forward to…

Since the start of the year 2021, I am trying my best to keep my interest in the Distance Learning “DATA SCIENTIST” course that I signed up for. But as distractions keep coming to my mind, I would like to make note of this particular distraction in an organized fashion. As the title suggests, these are the Play Station Games I am keen to play in near future or whensoever I get my hands on them.

  1. Spider Man : Miles and Morales (Played it already: Its awesome)
  2. Black Myth: Wukong
  3. Hogwarts Legacy
  4. Resident Evil Village
  5. God of War: Ragnarok
  6. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (New Craving)

This list is so made that I stop buying any unnecessary games that keep attracting me on the next EB games sale or any other price drop that may happen ever two months. Apart from this, I already have a big list of unplayed PS3, PS4, and PC titles in my collection that are getting dusted and re-shelf every time I grab a vacuum cleaner.

If you are keen to know the list of games in my cupboard, just ping a message or like the post. I will create that list and post it on this website soon.


See you next post or next life, whichever comes first.

R resources (Recommended by Dr Rafael A Irizarry on EdX)

Online R resources:

Maths for Machine Learning

I came across lot of learing material since last month I am exploring the scope and structure to learn Data Science. One of the structure presented was on top my head due to the humour of the presenter used on his presentation. (Wow so many p words in one sentence).

So the video link to this is presentation is

The particular slide I love is at 7min 26 sec. Image Attached Below:

The Course Link mentioned in this video is:




These are the top Google Search results of year 2021, there might be more uploaded in the future years that can be searched on the MIT website. Other way round is signing up for an edx course.

See you in next post or next life, whichever comes earlier.

Wish Best wishes for the Year 2021

Tapish Dongre

2021 Data Science Learning List

This is just personal list, and it will be completely your choice if you follow the tract or choose your own. So for only this article, it will be like a personal mental note, just instead of mental memory, I am saving it on a wordpress blog.

  1. Professional Certificate of Data Science A$1,050

This I would like to complete form edx platform and that to specifically HarvardX instructors. It was recommend by my supervisor (Dr. Kiran Thapaliya). And I turst his judgement on this specical course.

I am aware that it uses R instead of the popular and growing Python or Julia, but most of the reseach universities I was in contact with are stil using R at many Data Analysis. Also, this programme has affiliated certificate rather than the world famous DataCamp which is good(actually excellent) for practice.

2. Data Analysis for Genomix. A$592

I recently went for an online interview where the proejct involved “Blood Methyliation Data.” I was intrested in the concepts and reseach happeing around use of Genetic Data. Thus this course was my choice.

3. Data Analysis for Life Scientist. A$830

I know, I know the above two covers the most fo the topic relevent to be ready for the Data Scientist, but I wanted to fill in the gaps and have hands on experiecne on more projects.

Finally I would like a little bit help form all your readers. The thing is in India we have a saying of “LOG KYA KAHENGE?” translated to “What Will PEOPLE Say?”.

I watnted to use this negative satement into a positive motivation and request you all to keep asking me time to time about my progress like an Indirect Online Supervison. I would do the hardwork, I just need your support to keep me motivated.

I will upload my learing journey vlogs (mostly in Hindi) in on a fresh channel

Please consider subscribing. And hope to see you there.

Best Regards

Tapish Dongre

Online Siminars

There was a day when got to buy a fixed $$ entry to our selected siminars and presentations. Brush up your teeth, get ready and then phisically go & attend the choice of our education centre.

And then came Covid 19.

Online teaching market is so saturated that people offer free samples to their study material to enroll in their cources, experience their university and give you space to try their way of teaching to form a community.

Attached is the list of some good sources to learn some of the few such examples:

(Sometimes all you need is an student email address)


MATLAB and Deep Learning (August to December 2020)

I will keep updating the list as soon as I find worthy presentations to link to.

See you in next post or next life, whichever is earlier 🙂

Data-Camp 2 Month Free Access

Proof of Method Working on 16th Aug 2020 (Day of Writing this article)

This is a copy of the solution posted by Himanshu Sharma on QUORA


“I myself have taken their Data Science course and i really loved it. With every video they have got so many quizzes to solve which makes you practice every bit out of that course.

You can take free DataCamp subscription through Microsoft Visual Studio account. They provide two months of free subscription which is enough for you to complete at least one of their courses.” Says Himanshu

Just follow these steps to get that for free:

  1. Go to the Visul Studio page from here: Visual Studio
  2. Click on the button that shows Join or Access now.
  3. Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  4. After signing in you will be redirected to the benefits tab where it shows 2 months free datacamp.
  5. Click on activate button and signup on DataCamp.

Enjoy your free subscription and start learning.”


That was the article from QUORA and now my take on it:

Personally even I have tried it and enjoye the two months subscription. And I would recommend it to anyone who would like to learn Programming.

There is another way to get three months free subscription but you will have to create a new ID. As well as Sign up with a GIT HUB STUDNET Account. This option is only available for Students.

You need to create a Git Hub Account for free on the link

Activate your student pack by uploading the copy of student id.

Then come back to the above link page and activate the Data Camp.

Hope You like these methods.

Best Regards


Request to my Blog readers

Dear Friends, I have recently joined a wonderful research institute as RA which focuses on Neuroimmunology specialized in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I just wanted to extend my hand to welcome all to like our new page to boost the morale up of the whole team to make more and more progress in Research and Development even during the current Pandemic event. Your support keeps us motivated. Thanks 🙂