Why? I asked, and he smiled. Ignored Probably as I was very small.
Maybe my age reflected an under-understanding of what I have asked.
Or the importance becomes negligible when strong question is asked by a kid.

Why? I asked again, at my teenage.
My rebellious age made it sound rude.
How can I ask an authority to respond to an action taken years back?

Why? I asked again in my twenties.
Tiredness and demand of Justification were there in my query.
The hurt of the Ego may be to the respondent that he didn’t answer yet.

Why? I asked again, in towards my mid-age.
Silly he thought, that I still needed an answer.
“I even forgot about it” was his reply.

How can you still remember? he asked,

“Axe Forgets but Tree Remembered” I replied.

If the story goes further I predict.

Why? I would ask again on his Deathbed

Expecting an answer, which he never can make sense of.



-Written by Tapish Dongre in the memory of the unanswered questions by people very dear to me.

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