Untold Story Post 74: The IMPORTANT THING


Apologies for delayed in posting of UTSP but as the post 73 was little a negative topic thus was thinking of important things to write on before all my other usual post. Unfortunately my daily observation and search was going in circles. On top of that I could not find a start or end point. Thus though to sort down some notes and present you where my mind was.

When I was a baby, the only thing I might have focused on was eating and sleeping to make my living possible. I had no clue 100’s and 1000’s of things are going to come in future which at a point are thought to be important.

When past the toddler age, I still had habit to sleep a lot. Babies spent 70% of their life is sleeping, but as soon as you go being a toddler, some sort of instructions tell you from the outer world that STAYING AWAKE is important, How else could you be able to see the beautiful world which is created for you?

When Schooling came, I remembered my teachers focusing on me that remembering A,B,C and 2 to 20 TABLES are important. They form the base of education system (which was later understood forms the base of literal system not the education one)

At class Xth to XII people said, stay away from relationships, at this time EDUCATION is important, MAKING A CARRIER is important. How will you support yourself if you don’t focus in your own stability?

When in Engineering, teachers said again, “LAP-LA’S TRANSFORM” is important, its going to come in your final year of Engineering question paper !

In the same parallel universe, when I turned 18, the suggestion drive on knowing POLITICS and whom to VOTE is important. You want the right people to govern you right?

After All University education, a rush of self responsibility strike with a thunder that EARNING FOR LIVING is important. All the important things before are invalid if you cannot earn to provide yourself two times a meal.

After having a source of income and becoming mechanical re-repeating re-occurring and re-living the same day again and again and again there came some suggestion this time, progress, change, entertainment, peace of mind, work satisfaction, life satisfaction is also important.

Finally after spending sleepless nights to achieve all those things important an advice came from doctor, DUDE TO MAINTAIN EVERYTHING EVENLY ‘SLEEPING’ at least 8 HOURS a day is important.

The cycle of day and night and day after that kept moving and discovering step by step what is important and what is not. What was important before and has no value now. What can be important in future and what should be of important now. The Important things seems fading away in respect of time thus only thing I could remember is really important is was and will be are:

1) TWO TIMES MEAL where ever you can get it from

There will be several suggestion where you can get the Two times meal, but for getting LOVE its a path everyone had to travel on their own. There is no equations for it, no theoretical rule how to obtain it, no balance to measure it, but I know for a sable life, LOVE is the most important thing which we need.

LOVE coming in all directions from a mother, father, sister, brother, life partner and even from pets, neighbours and unknown person standing on street opposite to you or miles away responding to you by a ping of internet. LOVE is IMPORTANT and Hope you all find it….

#tapishdongre #utsp

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