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Wow in the current world, movies, games, and series are uploaded and released at a time fixed and convenient TIME but in a very specific geographic TIME ZONE. This website tracks down the most popular ones down to the very last seconds.

Do Check This Out:


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Data-Camp 2 Month Free Access

Proof of Method Working on 16th Aug 2020 (Day of Writing this article)

This is a copy of the solution posted by Himanshu Sharma on QUORA

ID https://www.quora.com/profile/Himanshu-Sharma-489

“I myself have taken their Data Science course and i really loved it. With every video they have got so many quizzes to solve which makes you practice every bit out of that course.

You can take free DataCamp subscription through Microsoft Visual Studio account. They provide two months of free subscription which is enough for you to complete at least one of their courses.” Says Himanshu

Just follow these steps to get that for free:

  1. Go to the Visul Studio page from here: Visual Studio
  2. Click on the button that shows Join or Access now.
  3. Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  4. After signing in you will be redirected to the benefits tab where it shows 2 months free datacamp.
  5. Click on activate button and signup on DataCamp.

Enjoy your free subscription and start learning.”


That was the article from QUORA and now my take on it:

Personally even I have tried it and enjoye the two months subscription. And I would recommend it to anyone who would like to learn Programming.

There is another way to get three months free subscription but you will have to create a new ID. As well as Sign up with a GIT HUB STUDNET Account. This option is only available for Students.

You need to create a Git Hub Account for free on the link https://education.github.com/pack

Activate your student pack by uploading the copy of student id.

Then come back to the above link page and activate the Data Camp.

Hope You like these methods.

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Untold Stories Post 72: Inception of Brilliance

(from writing weekly to writing monthly now)

Because My father had a transferable job, I was able to experience what I experienced. I always cursed the transfers but at last I am thankful I had them in past.

Recently The Popularity of Cursing Education System in India is Increasing Day by Day. Mostly the Education system in Primary/Secondary Schools along with the most popular mass production of Engineers in India. The discussion which was once local talk of diss-stress among school mates or pass-outs is now been done Globally. Seriously in Jan 2017 (shooted on very different times) I could find 6 presentation on very popular TED talks by very successful people in their respective field pointing out, researching, digging and explaining why the education system in India is worse.

Various presenters also explained In-spite of Poor Education system, Indian Brains create Excellence when placed abroad. This post is of-course not explaining those points as you can find them on TED Talk by browsing on Google/Youtube or TED website itself. Untold stories posted by me at least are more about the learnt experience by individuals on very small detail topic which is untold because it is either so small or extremely simple that mostly remains unnoticed or mind just ignores it.

My school days in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Eddumailaram were though struggling, but were very different than what I observed and experienced in other KV’s attended by me. Constantly we were told something and fed into our unconscious mind that “KV STUDENTS ARE THE BEST” On a random day the school Principal would take a mic and explain we have the best resources for you and we will always be working hard to get you the latest technologies. This school by location was in a very aloof area, I mean to say there were not enough competitions where we could interact or cross compare and confirm that what our Principal is saying is true. We observed our surrounding which looked clean, technologically high, teachers wise well resourced and thus we believed what ever is told to us is true. The next things was that we learned sharing, and thus even if 1 student achieved higher goals which were definitely impossible to achieve by all as everyone had different talent. But by the law of sharing that person was made to stand on a stage, appreciated and then asked to share the victory with everyone. The students being obedient and non selfish that time use to share their victory. And instead of Reporting one student from this School scored high or gained the victory, the reports were made that KV EDDUMAILARAM HAD WON,i.e including all teaching non teaching staff and student had won the award. We were inside the Inception of Brilliance. We all believed we are brilliant students and thus worked hard to achieve excellence.

After that when I moved to other KV’s again due to my father’s transferable job, I met people and teachers who would quote, ‘…….this is the reason why people say KV school students are dumb.” “………. this is the reason why we don’t have enough technology and resources”
That was the first time I learned or believed that yes these are the reasons why we are dumb or week. But years spent in KV YEddumailaram kept my mind strong that We are Brilliant Students, only here there might be lack of resources..

After years of this incidents I forgot all the points I momentary believed to be true. On a phone call with my mother Tejashri Milind, she quoted a recent appreciation that “Even with limited resources, government schools education and non investing a huge sum of money in private expensive schooling your both kids(me and my sis Kritika Milind) turned out to be excelling in their respective fields”

That moment was like a Reality Distortion for me, I googled some KV pictures and found, that Infra structure of the Schools I studied was worse. I could see now the broken benches I used to sit 10 years ago are still there. Some School Teachers who may or may not be excellent in teaching/preaching are still in Board Websites of KV Group. We had only two computer labs having 6 to 10 working computers and 32 classes full of approx 40 students to use that resources. YES EDUCATION SYSTEM, TEST, PRESSURE, MUG UP SYSTEM, GIVING CHANCE ONLY TO TOP 1% HIGH SCORERS and KILLING THE DREAMS OF other 99% is a system which will fail in this advancing world which appreciates all possibilities.

But one teacher/one person in a life time, who momentary can sow a seed in a Child’s mind, who can create an Inception that the child, every child is Brilliant is what makes people Excel throughout the world.

Today I dont even Remember the name of Principal but I appreciate the wonder he Created which kept me and the whole school going.
Hope Every Student Meets a Teacher who have the power to create this Inception….

Untold Stories Post 68: Repetition – A daily Chore to Earn money


In the year 2016, an average Australian Resident need about 500$ per week to survive a normal nominal life in Brisbane. Government had decided a sum of slightly less than the amount I am specifying to give as an aid for the non job holders to just survive with minimal conditions.
So point here to know is How to be sure that you at least get to earn the 500$ amount per week.

A Proficient Businessman can do a deal and earn this minimum amount in just matter of minutes. But to reach to that minute of earning he/she had worked hard a lot which is mostly hidden or not been commonly observed by the viewers.
The second stage is having a job. An average labour earns about 13 to 43$ per hour, depending upon the position and day of working. So his/her target to reach the minimum amount would be just working at least some number of hours may be a repetitive or non repetitive job to earn that sum.
My current post is about an observation I made on streets of Norway walking Bridge, Opposite to South bank Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. A man did something worth observing and also took my appreciation.

Breaking the 500$ into per day, A person needs to earn 70 to 100$ a day so that he earns that 500 in a week. (And also has two days off)

Breaking that 100$ into 8 hours of hard working, you might have to make an average of 12.5$ per hour.

The last equation is little tricky to understand, it even took time to me:
Plotting that 12.5$ per hour in terms of distance travelled, the Man assumes Can he travel at least a distance 1Meter (100cm) of walking to make that money.

When he broke a bigger problem of Having Joblessness, Not able to earn money, Depression and Realization of Recession. When he broke Biggest Problem of most of Young Adult to not able to make money into several smaller equations and brought it down to an equation that “Can he Make the least of 10$ by walking 10 steps per hour?”, He converted himself into a Human Toy.

Every Day he would wake up at a normal office timing. Select a new street every time, Mark a point 100 Meters away from his location of start and Write there the word “DESTINY”
At a point away 100 meters he hanged a board on him, “put a $ in box to make me reach to my Destiny.”

People Love sports, they invest 100’s and 1000’s of $ to watch a world class game/sport of their choice, but when A live Person Human Toy game was Designed, thought not world class crowd, but crowed with the world class heart always stepped and kept the money in his box. And with every $ going inside the box, he would move one step closer to the “DESTINY”
Sometimes in 8 hours and sometimes before the 8 hours, he would be reaching the reaching the Destiny by Making his 100$ a day.
Ya the plan is not perfect and sometimes he wouldn’t make his 100$ of the Day, people would Ignore him or Dint understand his game, yes some of the days he dose fail. But next day he would repeat the same process of waking up and inspiring one Individual at a time, that YES, Earning Money Even 1 step at a time is Possible and So dose Solving the biggest issues in life.
Just Break it into Pieces.

And ya one thing I forgot to tell you, Sometimes people are so interested in his gaming Model that he get to walk an Extra Mile 🙂
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Untold Stories Post 67: Searching Jobs Part 3: Australia 2013 to 2016


A bad Workman always Quarrels with his tools. Similar happens to most of Middle class teenagers in India. As their whole life the funds are coming from home for their education, they never learns how to earn and thus a person knows only the theoretical part of knowledge which is been taught in School. The things which are not being taught includes rejection, re-rejection, improvement, and re-re-rejection and building up yourself together to ReFace the Issue.

After entering Australia. The first thing I did was to understand how the system work. How would I get my 1st job here and now along with studies I needed to earn. In local surrounding the first the first advice and sometimes the final advice you get is to browse internet and search for Job across the websites Gumtree and Seek dot com.

When I started searching for job on these website, on the left of the screen menu’s came, which type of job you would like to apply for? The options ranges from simple category like Carpentry, Gardening, Cleaning, Laundry the words which I could understand to most complex like food and beverage attended, barista, Consultant.
The fields of jobs include Hospitality and Tourism, Trade and Service, Construction, Retail, Sales, Educations and Teaching and the list followed.

When I tried to read the job specification each time, more and more I was able to understand that I have never done any of these in my life. The only thing I did was go to school/college and came home blaming my parents how tough life is.
I started thinking after clicking the job criteria after each and every job that I really don’t have the SKILLS to do these jobs. I never learned this in India. We were only trained how to battle on theories and logic that we fail to understand that to build a bench over which we are sitting it requires crafting, to enjoy the air from a fan or air con, it requires someone to work in Assembly line. And even to eat the food what we just eat in our tiffin, a manual labour is required to prepare them.
I remember fighting with even the Security Guard of my school and college to get permission for late entry, but on that day I dint even had a skill to become a Security Guard to stand on someone’s door.

In Australia I came to realise that your 12 years of Scientific education in Schooling and 4 years of Engineering is of waste when you cannot find a single work environment to earn and feed yourself.
The next advice from friends came was when you cant make it, fake it. Fake your complete resume and Get the job. I even tried that, but internally my heart was afraid that on an interview there are many things I am unaware what if they actually ask how to do it, I would have no clue how to respond to it.
Unfortunately the fake resume could not get me an interview either.

The next thing I started was to go to door to door, shop to shop asking for jobs. I went to two Indian restaurant owners the first one was Masala Art at Roma Street, Brisbane. The Manager offered me job as Dish washer. The pay was 8$ an hour for start and then might be increased if my performance is good. I came to know let that be any country in the world Indians will exploit Indians. The pay was illegal but I was desperate. (Legal Pay that time for an adult was minimum 18$per hour). Manager called me from the morning a day after. After coming back to home and going to college the next day, it was decided that I would not be able to go to a job as on the same time I had my 1st laboratory Practical starting. I completed my Practical and went back running to the Roma street, the owner then told me that sorry you were not there when we needed you so now the job has been given to someone else. Thought illegal, though less pay, thought I agreed to self exploitation but even on this desperate occasion I missed a job as I dint go there on the right time I promised to.
That might be a shock in desperation that from that day for all my future jobs I made sure that if I sign up for a job, I am there at the location of job no matter how big or small the job is.

Next some of the Interview it was easily caught that I am faking it as the confidence was all gone. I was tired of all rejections and then out of blue moon one of random college-mate introduced me to her job location. The owner was again Indian, thus the pay was 18$ and hour on ABN which means I would be paying my own taxes. But for a start I was going to learn my first skill in life. Those days I did my first attempt for time management and I was able to successfully attend both my classes and Job. My Australian Carrier started as a Cleaner at a four start Apartment living called as “OXYGEN” on Roma Street.
I worked hard there, harder than even I thought I could. The pay was such calculated that sometimes I worked for 9 hours and got pay of only 4 or 5 hours. But still in desperation I did that work.

While coming from India I was happy that even I can even earn 25000Rs pay by being a floor Cleaner, but when I actually had to become a Floor cleaner, the words became so heavy. I was able to understand the fake attitude I had in my home country. Internally I use to feel low to do this job, though i must not but it might be the internal mentality set in India that Cleaning is a bad profession (which is not). But day by day I realised I am not made for this.
There was Job, there was Money, but there was not job Satisfaction. When I am not doing the thing which dose not interest me, the work becomes a burden, there is no pull by Interest only Push due to greed/need or money. The part of job which is most undisscussed is that your mentality and thought process is altered by your surrounding. You are surrounded by people at workplace which talk about only the things they know and by this, your knowledge comes to its limits by hanging out more time with these people. I was feeling that 8 to 9 hours a day is a major part of the day you are colleagues which constantly think small and in turn restricting your own capability.

Every day after coming home from both work and studies, I use to sit and apply for job. Understand the skill and re-built my resume. I must have applied 100’s and 1000’s job on that period of three to four months of end of 2013 and rejected every time but one. The one yes was a ray of hope and I realised that if you fail and keep re trying, there is a time when you have window to get your success, but if you stop the window can never open.

My first ever decent pay job was in RGIS as a Stalk taker. The job gave me chance to actually travel a lot with in my state. I was able to observe the nature is beautiful which I am unable to see in those 9 hours of trying shifts. I joined Sales with one of my Classmates and talked with many people in Australia, I was prepared for rejection in Sales, it build me more strong but I was also able to see various living standards, build in mind the way I would build my dream house. Understand how the local people of various living standard think, and with their hospitality I came to know that let it be India or Australia, the people of every class are present everywhere. They talk similar stuff, thought technology is different and way of doing things are different but people are people.

After that my focus completely shifted from Earning Money to Leanring Skills, I can cash my skills anytime with right opportunity but may times cash cannot install a skill in me. It requires a person to be both physically and mentally be present on the location where the magic is happening.
In two years I did more than 8 to 10 jobs. The difficult term to understand called “Food and Beverage Attended” was mastered to such a level that for 1 year I was able to Supervise and Manage 10 to 20 Food and Beverage Attendants working for me in a common goal.

In year 2015 for a short duration of 3 months I also established my own company, though it wasn’t successful as I had to learn a lot before handling my own, but it was an experience of a lifetime

Today I am ready to go back to the Theoretical world, of the Biotechnology, research, development but as better person that I would have been if I was only an Academic.
So even today I sit and Apply to various zones of Jobs as my mind is always Hungry to learn more and more and more….

All the best for all readers who might have found the job which Interest them or still searching for one, but remember if you fail for the 100th time, never stop trying because the 101th time might be a chance that your window of opportunity opens welcoming you in…

(P.S The simplest and toughest job is to be a better Husband. Most exciting and mind blowing job is yet to come: To be a father…)

Have a Great week ahead Everyone

Untold Stories Post 54: Entering Inception


Currently there are many kinds and types of Religion people follow. I also over heard the statement that “Athiest” are also believers. Atheist have a strong belief that the God does not exist. In all types of religion there are several believes which comes along. These belief systems forms groups of similar thinking people. And sometimes the case happens the reverse. Instead of people’s believes that unite them with the group, Its the Group Rituals/belief system/religion that forces a person to think in a certain way and block the other observations.
Recently after easter 2016 I had some visitors following to my house paying their visit and visits turned into discussions. I would love to share many of the discussion happen in my own house but don’t want to turn the UTSP blog into a ring of fight between god acceptors and rejectors. So I would like to share a story long before I was born and the authentication of the story I just trust my mother who told me this story.

Not so Long before the Telephone was so popular in common man houses, another discovery of science called “TELEGRAM” was famous and popularly used. To get familiar with the system of using a TELEGRAPH, it was taught in Schools. Strange to express but till my class/grade 5th of education even I had to learn how to use TELEGRAPH system for distant communication. The Telegraph system relied on Post-Office, the same office used for Paper Mailing on those days.
A person, if want to communicate to other person having more than 500km of distance for assumption had to go to his nearest Post-Office and ask for a Telegraph Form. Sending The Telegraph was charged per word. I mean if you would like to say “I am fine Thank you” you would be charged Unit Price x Number of words. And for the last line you would be charged approx 2.5$ assuming 50 cents per word. Overall I want to say that the messages had to be as brief as possible to save money and thus only important short hand words use to be used for the distant communication.
Usually the Mail would be taking three to seven days to reach within a country. The telegraph made it possible to convey the message in as less as 3 to 5 hours.

Thus immediate communication was a matter of trouble and with less communication it increased the worries in natural transitions.
One day My Grandmother decided to visit our house. As grandmother was getting old, special care had been taken for her transport. My grandfather boarded her from a Bus which comes from Nagpur to Chandrapur which is a distance of about 165km and takes only 3 hours to reach by bus. As my grandfather already Telegram to my father that she will be taking the bus to reach our home, My father was well prepared to go to the Chandrapur bus stop and receive her. Granny stayed in our house for some days and then decided to return to her own house in Nagpur.
My father did the same and send a Telegraph that which bus Grandmother would be boarding to come to Nagpur so that Grandfather is well prepared to receive her on the bus stop of Nagpur.

After one day my father Received a telegraph from my Grandfather, “GRANDMOTHER DID NOT REACHED HOME. DID SHE LEAVE THE CHANDRAPUR ON TIME?”

The telegraph started a situation of panic in the house. My mother and father both were stressed that how come Granny did not reach the Nagpur Station when my father himself accompanied her to the bus stop. The worried started increasing that does something had happened to the Bus or Granny? Any Accident on Road or Robbery on route? The worries kept increasing and solution did not appear. At that moment my mother suggested that though this might be a superstitious believe but there is a person who can help. My father was introduced with a person called “MAA SHEELA” living in Chandrapur.
Maa Sheela had the power to directly connect with GOD and ask for solution of people’s problem. My father went to her, explained her the current situation and Maa Sheela closed her eyes, talked with God for sometimes and said to my father, “Don’t worry, your mother is safe, She has gone to her known house and will return in two or three days.”
Though my father heard the words of ‘not to worry’ about the matter happening now but alas he was a son, and at this point a skeptic person to even believe someone could talk to God at all. He was only worried for his mother to be safe.

Three days passed and then my father received another telegram from my grandfather saying “GRANDMOTHER REACHED HOME. HAD STAYED WITH HER SISTER FOR TWO DAYS.”

All the worries had gone in an instance but something more happened on that day. The seed of Inception had been sown on my father’s faith/believe system. As the “Maa Sheela” exactly predicted where my Granny was, thus my father started believing on her story and her powers to actually connect with GOD. And till date, he still believes the MAA Sheela system of connecting God and seeking answers is the right way to find answers.
When Maa Sheela Died two-three years ago from now, a new concept was introduced. The story is that the next of kin of Maa Sheela had been passed the powers to and now Maa Sheela communicates to the new person by spreading the light of knowledge by the Framed Pictured on the Room where Maa Sheela use to live. And people including my father still believe that is true.

If any of you reader are still reading the story that I am continuing to write then you might have a mixed view about the story, Either if you are a believer you might believe in the power of Maa Sheela, if you are a non-believer then you might believe in that Maa Sheela’s Power does not exist or she is a con artist. And coming to recent belief by one of the preacher of Christianity said, that the connection that Maa Sheela had was not seeking help from god but from the Devil smile emoticon

What ever the vantage point you may have now, I would just like to express that with story I could just explain or understand how the seed strong Inception of a Belvie system was installed in one man when he was in a mature age of taking wise decisions. I cannot generalize it to all but mostly seed of Inception in today’s era is started when a human is very small. When Human Babies are of very young age and are ready to accept all the stories you tell to them without asking back the logical questions, let that be of Any GOD or any Superhero, The Human Baby believes in the story.
The Human baby enters the point of Inception the moment you start telling the story. Let that be Allah (Peace be upon Him), Jesus (loving you), 35million types of Hindu God and Goddess, The child is believing the stories you are telling him or her. Currently I would say My time to enter any mode of inception is not arrived yet and I am just reading and exploring various religions and their sculptures along with the impact that they cause in Human development or destruction.
I would just urge the current and future parents reading my post, please give your child the chance to choose his/her own belief system. Right or Wrong, let him face the consequences and Trust him/her on the capability that as an Individual, the Human Baby can make a decision best suitable of the time and era he/she is living.

Have a Happy Week Ahead.

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A letter from a girl who has shyly signed behind a pen name flower:
“I’m in a relationship with a guy for the past seven months, we love each other a lot but… he has now imposed a condition that if I love him, I should have sex with him. I told him honestly that I am not going to do it. It is not necessary that just because we love each other immensely and madly that we have to have sex. He says he loves me, but also wants to possess me physically. Or else, he says he’ll just leave me. I can’t leave him because I love him. What do I do?”

Oh God. Oh God, what a quandary. He wants to do it, but you don’t want to do it. He says sleep with me or walk. You say I won’t sleep with you, but I won’t walk either. You are scared of his lust, while he is maddened with it.
     I know a lot of women readers might disagree with me, but I happen to side the boy’s viewpoint. The days of chivalrous platonic love are over. I doubt whether they ever existed outside fairy tales in the first place.
     Any healthy teenage boy is riddled with hormones and flush with testosterone. He doesn’t have the mindset or maturity to think of love as anything more than an opportunity to have sex.
     His girlfriend can start off a conversation about anything, but you can be sure that in few minutes he will divert it towards sex. If he doesn’t do that , then he is too old for his age and not normal.
     For teenage boys the whole point of having a girlfriend is to jump into bed with her. They get quickly bored with too much talk of love and tenderness, and get tired of just holding hands. They want to grab a girl and kiss, then hug and then…
Boys also hang out with their own groups, where they get their male bonding and thrills. Girls are meant for fun, not just for long boring walks (which they will have, for sure) or long syrupy love talk (which they will talk, as long as they feel they will one day get to have sex).
     So my young friend, please understand this. Your boyfriend was quite honest when he told you to either have sex with him or leave him. He was giving you a practical option, which expressed his sincerity. The fact that he didn’t impose himself on you so far, speaks of his decency.
     The fact that he is lusting for you implies he is just a normal healthy boy.
     The fact that he is now irritated and impatient implies that he is being driven up a wall by your firm and persistent “no”.
I am not advising you to have sex with him. Not at all. You must do what your instincts tell you. If your instincts say “don’t even think of sex”, then you must not.
     But please understand that you are walking around with a hormone bomb in your arms, a guy who is about to explode with frustration of not having sex.
     If you continue this way, you will turn him into a nut case or worse. It’s far better to let him go. Let him find someone else who will give him what he wants, and make him happy.
     You go look for a boy who is willing to just hod hands and take long walks and sigh at sunsets and smile at flowers.

Source: Deccan Chronicle (4th Sep 2011)

Author: Mani Shankar
             (The author, a film director, helping the youth strike a balance in their relationships)