Piracy _ Hacking _ Technology Transfer

While few year ago I wrote an article about Piracy in Biotechnology, or its lack of, making the spread of technology very slow in Indian Biotech Industry. People either going with high moral values and givng all those newly discoverd things for free (or) being crazy for fame and money, registering patent after patent. Both sides of the sea, the main idea is to progress. In time the force derives by public demand, ease of use and most important “funds” for any project to be viable.

Today based on the same idea I found a video which is like 8 years old relative to the time I am writing this post. Discussess how cost-effective technolgy hacking can really be useful and more than the video, if you can go and check the comments section of the video where only the idea of some research and its use have done an positive impact on people around the globe. I will screen short and paste one such comment which I personnaly liked along with the video link:

Change using Wii Remote Hack

Actual Video Link

The PS4/PS5 Games I am really looking forward to…

Since the start of the year 2021, I am trying my best to keep my interest in the Distance Learning “DATA SCIENTIST” course that I signed up for. But as distractions keep coming to my mind, I would like to make note of this particular distraction in an organized fashion. As the title suggests, these are the Play Station Games I am keen to play in near future or whensoever I get my hands on them.

  1. Spider Man : Miles and Morales (Played it already: Its awesome)
  2. Black Myth: Wukong
  3. Hogwarts Legacy
  4. Resident Evil Village
  5. God of War: Ragnarok
  6. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (New Craving)

This list is so made that I stop buying any unnecessary games that keep attracting me on the next EB games sale or any other price drop that may happen ever two months. Apart from this, I already have a big list of unplayed PS3, PS4, and PC titles in my collection that are getting dusted and re-shelf every time I grab a vacuum cleaner.

If you are keen to know the list of games in my cupboard, just ping a message or like the post. I will create that list and post it on this website soon.


See you next post or next life, whichever comes first.