Creative Markdown Cheatsheet

While practicing work on Jupyter Notebooks there are many fancy ways to write a code markdown. Markdown are like Headings, Titles and Subtitles in a code which are not executed in while we run the programme. These Markdowns are only there to guide the reader of what the code is about or explain the code step by step or add hint or comments.

There is a cheat sheat to guide us through the variety of Markdown styles. I will provide the link to original post so that the credit goes to the content creator rather than just copy pasting the styles in this web page.

This link to the Markdown Sheet is:

Hope to share more info about Data Science as and when I learn about it.



Skills Vs Challenge

World used the television series How I Met Your Mother as an Comedy entertainment option to relax after a stressful day. But back in India, I used this as something a simulating model of how the behaviourial pattern would be if/when I would get a chance to visit or live in some other country. Back then it was a platform to learn about other cultures. Fast forward 10 years down the line, I actually got a chance to study and live in Australia. Though the series dose not exactly mimic actual life living in land outside India, but it was like a starter/refreshment course for us to actually understand a little bit of western culture, their problems, way of thinking and what can or cannot be done in a day to day life.

In the same series a character named “Barney Stinson” played by Neil Patrick Harris used a graph called “Hot vs Crazy” to define or explalin in general that a person can tollerate as much as crazyness of girl/woman as much Hot she is. Definatly I am not trying to justify any objectification of any gender as the graph was used only for a comic purpose which in their fictional world made some sense. Comming back to reality, I found another graph which relate to Challenge vs Skills origally observed in “Finding Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi”

Finding Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

This Graph I can actually realte to while I am studing Data Science or Working on any Project.

For a simple task like washing utensils, the skil level is low, and the challege is low, so I sometimes get into wonderland in my own mind.

Where as Studing Diffrential Calculus where I have less skill and being a highly challenging task for me gives me Anxiey and I try to quit or find excuses to postponed the task.

Current target is not directly aim for flow, but to at least be in the Relaxation or Control zone while gaining more knowledge.

Please do wrte in comment section below what state of mind you are while currenlty doing any task in your current life stage. Hopefully we can share strategies to overcome our hurdles with collective information and experience.

Best regards


R resources (Recommended by Dr Rafael A Irizarry on EdX)

Online R resources:

Data-Camp 2 Month Free Access

Proof of Method Working on 16th Aug 2020 (Day of Writing this article)

This is a copy of the solution posted by Himanshu Sharma on QUORA


“I myself have taken their Data Science course and i really loved it. With every video they have got so many quizzes to solve which makes you practice every bit out of that course.

You can take free DataCamp subscription through Microsoft Visual Studio account. They provide two months of free subscription which is enough for you to complete at least one of their courses.” Says Himanshu

Just follow these steps to get that for free:

  1. Go to the Visul Studio page from here: Visual Studio
  2. Click on the button that shows Join or Access now.
  3. Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  4. After signing in you will be redirected to the benefits tab where it shows 2 months free datacamp.
  5. Click on activate button and signup on DataCamp.

Enjoy your free subscription and start learning.”


That was the article from QUORA and now my take on it:

Personally even I have tried it and enjoye the two months subscription. And I would recommend it to anyone who would like to learn Programming.

There is another way to get three months free subscription but you will have to create a new ID. As well as Sign up with a GIT HUB STUDNET Account. This option is only available for Students.

You need to create a Git Hub Account for free on the link

Activate your student pack by uploading the copy of student id.

Then come back to the above link page and activate the Data Camp.

Hope You like these methods.

Best Regards