On 26th Dec 2008, I proposed my life partner for the first time. Night After Christmas, Half an Hour before the Girl hostel closing timing, After dropping her form the Mathematics Tuition Class in Nagpur, I expressed my feelings to her without bothering about what she has plans for me or not. For a teenage boy, any proposal takes a varied emotions imbalance when he is afraid of the rejection and keeps on postponing his proposal dates because of the fear of Rejection. But on this day I over came this fear…

Today After 6 years of this incident, I wrote a poem in Indian National Language (HINDI) expressing same emotional imbalance what I had on those days:

Puchna Hai TUM se Muze kuch Magar

Darta HU TUM Naa To Nahi Kahogi

Jab Dekah tumko pheli bar

Karne laga man mei batien do char

Kuch Meethi thi, Kuch Khatti thi

Par Baiten Dil se Sacchi thi

Usme tha Kabi ikraar aur kabi inkaar

Socha tum se Puch hi lu, par

Darta tha TUM Naa To Nahi Kahogi

Socha Tumhe, Chaha Tumha

Har pal apna mana tumhe

Dil ki aawaz aane lagi labo pe

Par roka maine kuhd ko is daar se

Puchunga to tum Naa to Nahi Kahogi

Sadiya Raat Ho gai

Gharwalo se baat ho gai

Samay ki seedi jo humne Chadi thi

Aaage shayad saamapt se ho gai

Puchna tha tumse magar

Darta that Tum Na to Nahi Kahogi

Sacchi Jhuti baato mei jo teri hasi thi

Na Jane Kab meri Zindagi ban gai

Yu hi bani Kavita se puch liea,


Ye hai mere sapno ka haalath

Ab raha na jata teri bin kare kuch baat

Ab shabdo ke alaankar se puch hi liea

Kahi Tum Naa To Nahi Kahogi

Khena hai Tum se Aaj Bhi Magar

Darta Hu, Tum Naa to Nahi Kahogi…

-Tapish Dongre

Powerful Words

Words have power.
Words express emotions
Words decides attitude
Words change a persons personal view and some times person itself.

You might remember some over the many stories what you read in your childhood…
The Hat salesman and Monkeys mimicking him, The resting caught in net lion and Mouse’s friendship story, Two cat fighting over pile of food and Monkey eating them one by one in a beam balance…..Crocodile and Monkeys bitter friendship story….

All theses are still hidden in somewhere in your positronic brain and I think all might have refreshed the whole story when I used them in above line. My point is before these stories came into your brain or effected your way of thinking, they were just some “words” printed on paper which may or may not have any relevance to you in your life. 21st or I may say 22nd generation might have something else in their course what we writers are writing now.
I am somewhere somehow proud to be a writer, that some day someone in future will be reading the ‘Words” I am writing right at this moment. So here is a simple thought: Now it our responsibility, Our include me, you, our generation, our parents generation and the next future owners of humanity, IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that every word coming out of your mouth, pen or fingers on keyboard are used in a way which make you” and only “You” the reason to bring a new change in the minds of every reader and his fellowmates. As words have a power and Power has effect. Today or Tomorrow Your words are going to make a new society.

All the Best present writer….
The world is in you hands…….

Books Gives Shelter

Recently I was throwing all the paper cardboard covers of the book I studied and used so far. I know when we go for selling the used book for recycling (Raddi in hindi), only the main pages are being weigh sold and some cost per kg is given in return by the Raddiwala (merchant). The hard cardboard cover goes in for waste. So I sat down and removed it and kept it out of house to just throw it….

While doing so a small kid about age 8 or 9 came and started collecting the cardboards. Being Indian I was curious to know where my trash goes. This is a special quality that we posse that there may be gold kept inside our house cupboards but we are interested in if our waste is being used by any person in the world.  Those curiosities lead me to ask him “Why are you taking the cardboards with you?”

He smiled and replied, “That’s for making a hut”

I asked him again, “Ohhh, so it is your school project you are working on..?”

“No” he said “I am actually collecting these cardboard to cover the roof of the hut I live in.”



Leave U Mr. Husband

The Theory Goes:

Every Woman at certain age wants to get her freedom.

She doesn’t realize this becoz from childhood she is with her parents and As soon as she leaves her parents she is tied up with an alien fellow whose past is unknown to her…

She loves the man she is with because of the Present Love he is giving her… The Love Shades its colour according to time and replaced by responsibilities…

There are times when She decides to leave this man and have her freedom she never had..but its too late as she holds a sweet gift in her hand, the only gift which is the outcome of the man’s love to her..

The gift in her hand always reminds her that he Loved her once.. He Loved her too much that she was ready to give her body to him and when ever this gift laughs.. She is reminded of the hope that the love she had once….will come back.

Life Without You

A day starts
Lights brights
Moon shine
Dissapeared so fine
The boy wakes
sees the life
Of all the happiness
He chooses the light
Light says I love u
Dont leave me
I am for u
Boy says
I choose u
You are my life
But I wana shine too

Boy leads his path of success
He finds a Friend
He walks too far as
This story has an end

A call comes from the morning dawn
It is the light, which says I’m still on
The boy is walking up so high
He always dream to reach the sky

The Friend he meets
has something to fear
Though he never finds
A drop of tear

Boy scared one day
And calls the light
No reply and he get fright

Calls his Friend
just to whisper
I am scared
Be with me this winter

The Friend is whole
Pure and white
Says my Friend
There is no need to fright

Boy gets tears of joy
With lots of love
he dares to fly

The story will allways continue
but friend I don’t know
How will be
Life without u

How will be
life without U


OTHER TITLES: The Earner’s Test/ Earner’s test of a Man

The theory I want to put forward might not be acceptable to all but anyway it still exists.

Every time a person plans to get success in his life and on these plans, there comes an opportunity. An opportunity to a person is like “Doors” to step upon and there along comes fear that what might be kept after that ‘door’. Dose the door really contains his successes steps? Or, dose the door leads him to a dark room. Whatever the choice and fear are, At last the decision to be made requires guts. Guts to take a risk. Guts to make a choice, either to accept the dark room or quit the success steps. But before you take any decision, there comes a ‘barrier’. A huge Barrier. This is called as “The Earner’s Test”.

I would like to quote 3 examples of Live Present Earner’s Test :

(1) Mr. Bharatlal R. Choudhary

After completion of B.Tech degree in Biotechnology, he decided to earn a fortune in STOCK MARKET. He went to his father and asked for a starter sum of Rs. 10,000. Definitely an amount of 10,000 looks huge but that not to a businessman. The Straight reply form his father was, “We have invested 4 lakhs in you B.Tech and now instead of utilizing this degree, why do you want to go for a Stock Market carrier? Stock Market is for old people who have earned their life and now don’t have anything to do.”

Present Situation: He could not cross the Earner’s test and follow his dreams. And now searching for a Job as instructed by his father.

(2) Mr. Gaurav M. Pendke

After series of frustrative exam sessions and successful completion of B.Tech Degree he decided to stand on his own feet and earn his living. With his efforts and continuous knocks on the ‘door’ he got an call letter from “Bharat Serums” He made a call to his house to give them this happy news. The reply he got form his earner’s i.e. (parents) that “Gaurav, you must study hard and complete your Master’s Degree. I am ready to pay whatever amount you require for getting admissions in College, but you must not think of Job now”

Present Situation: Gaurav is confused whether to kick on the ‘door’ and take a chance crossing the earner’s test or whether to follow the earner’s commands.

(3) Mr. T. Revanth

After completion of his B.Tech in Bioinformatics, he decided to sit for CIVIL EXAMS and become an IAS officer and maintain the responsibility to rule over a district functioning smoothly without corruption. The earners test put forward in front of him was “Son come home and maintain the responsibilities of taking care of the wealth we already possess”

He responded quite differently to the earner’s test. He ran away from the location from where his parents could track upon and called after a month to his house, “Dad I am fine and you need not worry for me, I’ll show you my face when I become someone on whom you feel Proud upon!”

Present Situation: Revanth is in contact with his parents and studying i.e. preparing for the next CIVIL exams in Hyderabad itself.

My Concept of “The Earner’s Test” is not about going against your parents or going against your own people who are currently your economic supporter’s i.e. Earners. But the idea of an Earner’s test is always to check the guts of new generation for what limits they could go to become Earners themselves. Your parents will always love you whether you pass or fail the “Earner’s Test” But they will definitely put in front of you a barrier, a huge barrier to check the strength and devotion of their loved ones.

Tapish M. Dongre

Difference – Hindi Poetry from school days

Kya Ghar? Kay Makan..?

Chahe Mitti ka ho Chahe Iit ka

Chahe Patthar ka ho Chahe Sone ka

Mai makan hu.! Mai Makan hu..!

Magar  prashna to ye hai

Kya Ghar? Kya Makaan?

Jab ban gaya tha mai puri tarah

Tab aai thi rohini mere andar

Tab jaagi thi umang ghaar banne ki magar

Mai Makan hu.! Mai Makan hu..!

Magar prashna to ye hai

Kya Ghar? Kya Makaan?

Kisi din jab tum aie

tab ehesas hua kuch banne ka

tumhi ne banaya hai muze ek ghaar

Mai Makaan tha.! Mai Makaan tha..!

Mil gaya muze mere prashna ka uttar

Kya Ghar Kya Makaan?


Writing Date: 23.3.2003


College – an Hindi Poetry form school days

Jane Anjane Chehre hai yaha

magar wo nahi jo meri talash hai

Dhundta hu mai raat din, subho shaam,

magar wo chehra na mila jo meri talash hai

Jane kaisa hoga wo chehra

din raat meri ankho mai jo

magar ab tak wo na mila jo meri talash hai

Na jane kab mulaqat hogi

jiske hoto pe ho muskaan

labon pe ho bas mera naam

bas dhundta hu use Jisko Meri Talash hai

Jane Anjane Chehre hai yaha

magar wo nahi jo meri talash hai..!!


Writing Date: 19th March 2003