Difference – Hindi Poetry from school days

Kya Ghar? Kay Makan..?

Chahe Mitti ka ho Chahe Iit ka

Chahe Patthar ka ho Chahe Sone ka

Mai makan hu.! Mai Makan hu..!

Magar  prashna to ye hai

Kya Ghar? Kya Makaan?

Jab ban gaya tha mai puri tarah

Tab aai thi rohini mere andar

Tab jaagi thi umang ghaar banne ki magar

Mai Makan hu.! Mai Makan hu..!

Magar prashna to ye hai

Kya Ghar? Kya Makaan?

Kisi din jab tum aie

tab ehesas hua kuch banne ka

tumhi ne banaya hai muze ek ghaar

Mai Makaan tha.! Mai Makaan tha..!

Mil gaya muze mere prashna ka uttar

Kya Ghar Kya Makaan?


Writing Date: 23.3.2003


2 thoughts on “Difference – Hindi Poetry from school days

  1. that was truely tapish’s Rabbish poetry . Carry on my friend 1 na 1 din tum jarror isse rabbish lekhoge…


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